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Miami Circle Message from President Donna Shalala.

Dear Miami Circle Volunteer,

I want to thank you for the commitment you have made to the University of Miami. As a volunteer for the Office of Admission, you provide us with a precious resource — your time. Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to counsel prospective UM students and parents about the dynamic educational opportunities available to them at UM. Whether providing a tour of campus or attending a college fair, you are guiding young people through the college search process at an important time in their lives. I am pleased to know that you are eager to share your experiences about what it is like to be a Hurricane.

Our most valued public relations representatives are the satisfied students, parents and alumni who can spread a positive image of our institution. This is why you play such an important role in shaping the future of UM. Because of your efforts, students and families will have a more meaningful depiction of life on our campus. I hope you will continue to support our mission of sharing the UM experience and making students aware of the wonderful opportunities available on our campus. Know that you make a significant difference in linking the past and present with the future of UM.

Warm Regards,

Donna Shalala
President, University of Miami