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Getting involved in Miami Circle is easy, and new members are always welcome. For continuing Miami Circle Members, keeping your membership active involvement is easy, and we always welcome updates from members to keep our roster current. 

Need to replace a lost name tag? Just let us know.


Responsibilities of the Miami Circle Members

Miami Circle is organized by geographic region in various areas of the United States.  A Chapter Chair is responsible for each region and coordinates all recruitment activities taking place in that region.  In addition, many volunteers function as “independents,” representing the University at recruitment events in their local communities but are not necessarily affiliated with a geographic group or “chapter”.  Miami Circle activities include, but are not limited to, college fairs, information sessions, interviewing prospective students, participating in calling campaigns, hosting receptions, and attending trainings.

The responsibilities of the volunteers are to:

  • ●  Attend training workshops in the local area (if offered)
  • ●  Commit approximately 6 hours per year to Miami Circle activities
  • ●  Represent the University of Miami at local college fairs
  • ●  Assist admission professionals at local receptions and information sessions 
    ●  Assist the University by recruiting a diverse student body
  • ●  Refer prospects and applicants to the University of Miami
  • ●  Call accepted students and welcome them to the UM Family
  • ●  Other activities depending upon interest level