MAIA Workshops

Boot Camps
Fall Semester
• Information Technology
• International Accounting
• International Taxation

Clinics Samples
Spring and Fall Semester
• From Briefs to Press Releases
• Basics of Human Resources
• Quantitative Methodology
• Qualitative Methodology: “CSI World”
• Program Evaluation/Assessment Tools
• Richter Library: Resource 101
• Speed Reading/Word Mining
• Networking Skills
• Public Speaking
• Diplomatic Etiquette Workshop
• Conflict Resolution Workshop

Clinics are developed to reflect the professional goals of our students. The above list is therefore organic and subject to yearly revisions. Students are encouraged to make recommendations.

Topics Built in Core

Fall and Spring Curriculum
• NGOs – Civil Society
• World Religions
• International Relations Theory
• Macro-Micro Economics Review
• International Economics
• Organizational Management
• International Entrepreneurship
• Role of Electronic Media
• Grant Writing/Fundraising
• World Health-Infectious Disease and Nutrition
• E-Terrorism
• World Food Supply Crisis
• Human Trafficking/Modern Slavery
• Sustainable Development
• Budgeting for Non-Profits
• Security, Globalization and Human Rights
• Role of Urbanization in Development
• Micro Lending
• Environment Issues
• Water Management
• Regional Presentations
• Current Affairs, US Foreign Policy and Defense