MAIA’s dual degree programs give students the specialized education they need to succeed in a career in the governmental, non-governmental or business sectors. The dual degree program integrates social, economic, political, cultural, environmental, and ecological studies.

The Master of Arts (MA) in International Administration’s Program has joined with the Graduate Programs in Public Health at the Miller School of Medicine to offer a dual degree in International Administration and Public Health (MAIA/MPH).


Applicants must apply to the MPH and MAIA programs separately. Admissions are based on the admissions requirements and procedures of each individual program. Acceptance to one program does not in any way indicate or guarantee acceptance to the other program. Both the MAIA and the MPH degree programs require the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) as part of the admissions package. For students whose native language is not English, successful completion the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) examination is required.

MPH/MAIA Dual Degree - Curriculum

MPH Core Courses Credits (30 credits) - Course descriptions
EPH 501 Medical Biostatistics (3)
EPH 512 Global Health (3)
EPH 520 Health Education and Behavior (3)
EPH 521 Fundamentals of Epidemiology (3)
EPH 541 Environmental Health (3)
EPH 561 Public Health Nutrition (3)
EPH 571 Maternal and Child Health (3)
EPH 631 Public Health Administration (3)
EPH 641 Research Methods (3)
EPH 650 Health Economics & Policy Evaluation (3)

MAIA Core Courses Credits (18 credits)
IGS*** Information Technology Boot Camp (0)
IGS 611 International Organizations (3)
IGS 612 International Administration (3)
IGS 613 Global Cultures, Religions, and Communications (3)
IGS 614 World Affairs (3)
IGS 616 Organizational Administration (3)
IGS 615 International Economics (3)

ELECTIVES (9 credits)
EPH*** EPH Elective (3)
IGS*** IGS Elective (3)
EPH*** or IGS*** EPH or INS Elective (3)

IGS 517 Practicum in International Administration (3)
EPH 680 Supervised Public Health Field Experience (3)