Though goals change at different stages of life, retirement planning is something we should all pay attention to during our career. Whether retirement is just around the corner or many years away, the steps we take today can make a big difference, to retire when we want, and pursue our personal interests.

Why is retirement planning important at every age? People in their 60s can expect to spend 20 or more years in retirement. During those years, you need a source of income. Social Security provides some of that income. However, the largest share of retirement income can come from employer plans and our own savings. The sooner you begin to save and the more you set aside, the better your chance of having enough.

You can add value to your savings by creating a good investment plan. We know investing is difficult, so we introduced a new service to help. The program is run by a professional investment company called LTSave.

Use LTSave to estimate whether your savings and benefits will be enough to meet your retirement goals. LTSave also recommends exactly where and how to invest.The University pays the full cost of this service - there is no cost to you.

To join, or just learn more about the LTSave investment program, please contact 1-877-587-2832. Access the LTSave website online through myUM, Click the Employee tab, then click the Benefits tab, then click on LTSave.

Do it now, while it’s fresh in your mind. After all, only YOU can take care of your financial wellness!

View the LTSave Guide.