University Information Technology Advisory Committee

Functions and Responsibilities

The functions and responsibilities of the University Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) are to:

a.    Ensure that computer, information systems, and telecommunications objectives and strategies are consistent               with those of the University.
b.    Develop policy and budget recommendations relating to both academic and administrative information needs of           the above areas and to make recommendations to the Vice President for Business and Finance, the Provost                 and/or, when appropriate, to the President.
c.    Advise the Chief Information Officer in matters related to the information needs of the University.
d.    Oversee implementation of long range information plans and recommend priority and budget changes should               they be required.
e.    Provide a communication link between senior policymakers and Information Systems.
f.    Serve as the project steering committee for university-wide information systems planning projects.
g.    Define responsibilities for and appoint project steering committees.
h.    Resolve organizational conflict.