CaneNet & WirelessCanes

Connectivity Problems Possibly Caused By A Wireless Loop



  1.                   User is attempting to use CaneNet or WirelessCanes and is not able to access the Internet or they are getting login prompts that don’t belong to the network that they are connected on. For example, they receive login prompts for CaneNet while connected to WirelessCanes or they receive login prompts for WirelessCanes while connected to CaneNet. 

o        Check that user is actually using the correct interface on their computer.  (i.e. Wired NIC for CaneNet and Wireless NIC for WirelessCanes)

o        Check that UserID/Password is valid and has not been disabled.

o        Check MAC address has been registered and not disabled.

  2.                   Verify that they are getting an appropriate IP setting for the network they are utilizing.  All of the following must be correct: 

o        IP address

o        Subnet mask

o        Gateway address

o        DNS settings

  3.                   If the IP address they are receiving belongs to CaneNet while trying to use WirelessCanes or the IP address they are receiving belongs to WirelessCanes while physically connected to the CaneNet network, then they may be experiencing a Wireless Loop. 

4.                   If you suspect a Wireless Loop, contact IT security and/or IT Network Group with the following information.  An engineer will notify you when the problem is resolved. 

o        IP address

o        MAC address

o        Network they are trying to access (i.e. CaneNet or WirelessCanes)