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This page provides information concerning policies and important guidelines that promote safe computing on campus.  ALL students who use UM Information Technology resources are required to comply with these practices.  Follow them closely to enjoy stable and safe computing and avoid unnecessary hassles in your every-day use of the campus network.

If you have any questions concerning these policies or guidelines, contact: security@miami.edu.


What Is And What Is Not Acceptable Usage…


A060—Acceptable Use Of Information Technology Resources By Students

Visit this page to view examples of usage that could result in disciplinary action, and to learn about your computing responsibilities including:

  • use of accounts
  • use of bandwidth
  • respect for copyright
  • respect for ownership of proprietary software

Basic Computer Specifications


If you’re buying a new computer or bringing your own, you might ask what kind of computer you need.  Review the minimum equipment standards to ensure software and technical support for your computer.


Computing Security Checklist


It’s not difficult to keep your computer safe from Internet prowlers and nasty viruses.  AND, it’s much easier to keep your system secure than to have to scramble to get things fixed!

Using Your CaneCard


You are required to carry your CaneCard for identification purposes while you are on the UM campus.  It provides access to campus facilities, and can be used to make purchases against your meal plan.  Lost or stolen cards should be reported to the Security Office at 305-284-6666 for immediate deactivation to prevent unauthorized use.

CaneID/Password Help Is Only A Click Away


Step-by-step instructions help you lookup your CaneID and to reset your password following our strong password guidelines.