Attackers are using new techniques for luring individuals to fake web sites.  One of these techniques involve the use of a method that displays the web site in the browser window with the same look and feel of the genuine web site.

 The simplest way to determine the validity of fake web site is by looking at the name or URL in the address bar and making sure that the name showing is the valid name of the site.   


 How are you lured to the fake sites?  One popular method may involve a change of address notification via an e-mail or a poisoned entry in an Internet search engine.  A malicious e-mail might state that a legitimate web site’s address will change and provide a link to the new bogus site.  There may also be false information displayed by search engines that provide similar links to the bogus site.


What can you do to protect yourself?  If you receive an e-mail from a questionable sender do not open the e-mail.  If you receive an e-mail with questionable content do not click on any of the hyperlinks or allow any applications to be installed.  It’s important to never provide any information on any web site if you are unsure of the web site’s authenticity. 

 Whenever in doubt, please contact your system administrator for assistance.