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Opera 2.0

As opera continues to be revived and revised with new subjects, new technology, and a new breed of stars, the University of Miami

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  • Saturday - Full Backup
  • Monday-Friday - Incremental Backup
  • No Backup on Sunday

If you are using the system at that time, you will receive a message from Operations saying that the system will be coming down.

Other information regarding backups, shredding, etc
  • Remember, documents scanned during the day are not backed up until the evening. Therefore, keep your originals for at least three days. The image team will notify you if there is a need to re-scan any documents. If you do not hear from the image team within three days, assume the documents are backed up.
  • If you are scanning and notice any communication problems or something unusual, the document just scanned/indexed may not have been properly stored. We recommend that you check in the 'View' to see if the document can be displayed. If the document is not there or has a storage location of '0', then the document will need to be rescanned/indexed. If the document has a storage location of '1', check again the next day and if it still has a '1', then the document may need to be rescanned/indexed.
  • Departments should check with General Counsel regarding the University's policy on shredding documents. If General Counsel approves the shredding of your departmental documents, we recommend that you wait at least two weeks from the time you scanned the documents before you begin shredding.
  • Users that scan using Ascent should always check in 'View' after they scan a batch to ensure that the document was released properly.