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Music to Medical Ears

The last place one might expect to teach future doctors and nurses about patient safety is on a concert stage.

But last Wednesday an accomplished…

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Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

The University is embarking on a project to modernize its current Document Management System (DMS) to complement the new ERP system and to meet our future needs. We are currently evaluating the critical needs of the University stakeholders to ensure those needs are included in the selection process. The modernized system will be an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system which includes the capabilities of the existing DM system while adding many new features developed since the original system was deployed.

An ECM system has the potential to manage all unstructured information in a secure, organized manner accessible to the appropriate people from a variety of devices. Unstructured information includes documents -- those born digital and those scanned from a paper source -- images, video, audio, email, and anything else that can be digitized and stored electronically. ECM systems also have the capability to distribute reports, manage workflow and versions, aggregate content from disparate sources, redact information from distributed content, enable document discovery and collaboration, and enforce University record retention policies by content type.

The ECM evaluation team is enlisting people to take a brief survey to identify the critical capabilities of the ECM system and identify others who should also be involved in the process. The survey will be distributed in May. The results of the survey will be included in a request for information to major ECM suppliers. Qualified suppliers will be invited to demonstrate their systems and the evaluation team will make a proposal to senior leadership following those demonstrations.

For more information on ECM, visit the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) page at What is Enterprise Content Management?”