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Opera 2.0

As opera continues to be revived and revised with new subjects, new technology, and a new breed of stars, the University of Miami

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Welcome to Connect:Enterprise

Connect:Enterprise provides a scalable, secure, and cost-effective solution for supporting file-based services. It provides multi-protocol support, automated processes and the security and integrity of consumer data.

The data is transmitted securely by either encrypting the file or encrypting the FTP transfer. PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption changes plain, readable text into a complex code of characters that is completely unreadable. The FTP transmission can also be encrypted by either SSL or SSH, both methods protect the data while it is being transmitted.

It is the University of Miami’s policy that all files processed through Connect:Enterprise must be protected by one of the encryption methods described above.

To request a transmission, complete the Connect Enterprise Transmission Form.

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