Where to Apply
Announcement of job opportunities are posted at University of Miami Careers. An employee wishing to be considered for a position should apply online through the UM career pages for positions of interest. For more information on how to apply for a position at the University of Miami, please click here.
Eligibility Requirements
To be eligible for a transfer, employees must meet the following criteria:
  • The employee must have been with the University and in the current position for a minimum of six months.
  • The employee must not have been subject to any form of progressive discipline during the past six months.
  • Any deviation from the above criteria requires approval from the appropriate Central Office. The right of selection remains with the department head or designee in the department where the vacancy exists.
    Related Policy
    Employee Process
    Transfer applicants may be screened by the appropriate Human Resources department according to the following guidelines: individual attainment of skills, related work experience, educational achievement, and ability to perform the work required. The departing employee must provide the department with a resignation notice. At a minimum, an exempt employee should provide the department with one month notice; non-exempt employees should provide ten (10) days notice. The notice period is exclusive of any sick, vacation, or floating holidays.
    A transferring employee retains all earned employee benefits including sick leave, vacation time, and floating holidays. Transfers between campuses will have floating holiday balances adjusted as appropriate. Exempt transfers will be subject to a 180 calendar day probationary period; non-exempt transfers will be subject to a 90 calendar day probationary period.  An employee who does not successfully complete their probationary period may be placed on layoff status.
    Department Process
    The appropriate Central Office will forward an electronic copy of the application and resume of qualified applicants. Departments are encouraged to interview at least three applicants, if available, before a hiring decision is made. The department must submit an Interview Summary Form to Human Resources for approval before an offer is made. An online document needs to be submitted via DHRS prior to the effective date of the transfer (please refer to the DHRS Processes Manual as a guide for processing the document). All transfers normally become effective at the beginning of a pay period.