Clearance Checklist
When an employee’s position with the University is terminated, please use the Clearance Checklist. These steps ensure that all UM property is returned, and system(s) access is removed. Once completed, this checklist is then forwarded to Check Distribution. Please refer to the Human Resources Policies and Procedures below for additional information.
Step-by-Step Instructions for Processing the Clearance Checklist:
1. The supervisor should complete the information regarding name, department, forwarding address, and effective date of separation.
2. The supervisor should sign off each section of the checklist as applicable.
3. Completed and signed forms should be forwarded to the Check Distribution Office:
      Check Distribution Office
      129 Ashe Administration Building, Locator Code: 4613
      Phone: (305) 284-2284
      Fax: (305) 284-5979
Please Note: Final Checks will not be released without a completed checklist.
Please refer to the appropriate termination policy for more information:
Administrative/Professional Employees
Clerical/Nursing/Technical/Service Employees
Research Employees
Final Paycheck
Please Note: Sick time and floater accruals are not paid out in the final check.  If an employee is rehired into a regular position within 30 calendar days of separation, the sick time balances and floaters will be reinstated.
Department Process
An online document needs to be submitted via DHRS prior to the effective date of the separation. To guide you in processing a separation document in DHRS Web, please refer to the DHRS Processes Manual.
Termination Notice
Please submit the resignation letter or form to the appropriate Central Office.
Non-exempt hourly employees should submit their resignation at least two weeks before their effective date of separation.
Exempt employees should submit their resignation at least one month prior to the effective date of separation.