Layoff Initiation
Layoff is A separation of employment from the University due to decreased need for certain services, reorganizations, loss or lack of funds, lack of work, elimination, restructuring of positions, or following an extended leave of absence as provided for in the Leaves of Absence Policy. The layoff period is for a maximum of thirteen (13) months from the effective date of layoff.
Layoff status must be approved by the appropriate Vice President/Dean and appropriate Human Resources/Faculty Affairs office is to be consulted. Employees in their probationary period are not eligible for layoff status or pay in lieu of notice, with the exception of employees that are on probation due to transfer or promotion.Employees placed in layoff status and whose positions are funded by a sponsored account/program will receive paid notice in accordance with the provisions of sponsored program.
The appropriate Human Resources/Faculty Affairs office will take reasonable efforts when a layoff becomes necessary to help the affected employee find another position at the University if available and feasible. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the employee to search for and apply to open positions.
Notice Requirements
Employees, including those on Leave of Absence, whether funded by sponsored programs or otherwise, should receive written notice of layoff from the Department Head/Dean with a copy to the appropriate Human Resources/Faculty Affairs office prior to the anticipated date of layoff based on the following:
Years of Continuous Service       Minimum Notice Period
6 months - 5 years 1 calendar month, plus accrued vacation
6 - 10 years 2 calendar months, plus accrued vacation
11 - 15 years 3 calendar months, plus accrued vacation
16 - 20 years 4 calendar months, plus accrued vacation
21 - 25 years 5 calendar months, plus accrued vacation
26 years and over 6 calendar months, plus accrued vacation
Layoff Benefits
During the notice period, the employee will continue to accrue additional vacation, which is payable at the time of layoff if the employee continues to work during the notice period. However, if pay in lieu of notice is given, no additional vacation will accrue. A completed Clearance Checklist is required before the release of an employee’s final paycheck (refer to the Clearance Checklist policy in the online Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual). Salaries, wages, or other benefits are not earned or accrued by employees in layoff status.
Insurance benefits may be continued pursuant to the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) by payment of premiums by the employees. Further information regarding an employee’s rights to continue insurance coverage is available from Benefits Administration. University employees who are receiving the tuition remission benefit and are placed on layoff will have the benefit continued for a period of 13 months. Undergraduate tuition remission benefits for dependent children of University employees placed in layoff status will also continue for a period 13 months following the date the employee is placed in layoff status. Tuition remission benefits for spouses/certified domestic partners and dependent children enrolled in graduate courses of University employees placed in layoff status continue through the end of the semester or summer session in progress. For more information refer to the Tuition Remission Policy.
Employees placed on layoff status are encouraged to consult with the appropriate Central Office for information on other possible employment opportunities at the University. Employees may also access current job openings via the Human Resources Careers pages for Gables and Medical campuses. Please note that final hiring decision lies with the department, and will be based on the qualifications of all applicants for the position. If an employee rejects an offer from UM for a job of the same pay, their status will be changed to termination and they will forfeit all layoff provisions.
Employees hired within 13 months of layoff will have their insurance benefits reinstated without a waiting period. Any employee returning after 31 days or more on layoff status will be required to take the pre-employment drug tests. Deviation from this procedure will require approval from the appropriate Central Office.
Related Policies
Department Process
An online document needs to be submitted via DHRS at the time of layoff and rehire (please refer to the DHRS Processes Manual as a guide for processing the documents). Employees who have been on layoff for more than 31 days will be required to take the pre-employment drug test. Employees returning from layoff need to contact Human Resources within 48 hours of acceptance of the job offer to complete any necessary employment paperwork and take the drug test, if necessary. A completed Pre-Employment Background Search Form needs to be submitted to Human Resources either with the employee or faxed before the employee’s arrival to Human Resources.