The following links provide definitions for codes used to establish or modify positions.

Advertisement Text:
This text will be used to post the position to the University's website or other publications; it is not the job description.
Calendar ID:
Code representing the holiday calendar assigned to the position; i.e. G (Gables Staff): 2 Floating Holidays; H (Medical Staff): 5 Floating Holidays; etc.
Campus Affiliation:
The campus associated with the position. This is not necessarily the physical location.
Check Codes:
Three-digit number assigned to a department that also identifies campus location.
List of Check Codes
Earning Codes:
Three-digit number that identifies the base pay an employee receives, i.e., base exempt, base non-exempt, base temporary, etc.
List of Earning Codes
Employee Definitions:
The University of Miami employment population is comprised of several types of employees. These employees serve the University’s students by performing a variety of jobs that are grouped into several categories termed Job Classifications. The following is a list of these various Job Classifications.
Administrative/Professional (A01) Faculty (A02)
Research (A06) Work Study Student Employees (A04)
Non-Exempt Staff (A03) Graduate Student Employees (A07)
Non-Exempt Service (A05)
Faculty Term:
Expected duration of assignment.
Job Codes:
Identifies if a position is faculty, research, administrative, non-exempt 75 or 80 hour biweekly, etc.
List of Job Codes
Job Status Codes:
Identifies if a position is permanent full-time, part-time, temporary, etc.
List of Job Status Codes
Kronos Device Groups:
Device Groups are used to assign employees to specific biometric clocking stations.
List of Kronos Device Groups
Kronos Tag Groups:
TAG (Timekeeping Approval Group). The TAG Group three-digit number that identifies the unit or supervisor group that time input is collected and approved.
List of Kronos Tag Groups
Kronos Template Codes:
Code that represents a set of rules that govern how an employee gets paid, i.e., it dictates the number of holiday hours an employee gets paid for a given holiday.
List of Kronos Template Codes - Gables, Rosenstiel and Medical Campus
List of Kronos Template Codes - Hospital
Object Codes:
Four-digit number that designates the specific type of expense to be charged.
List of Object Codes
Pay Band:
System denoting a pay rate within a minimum, estimated market value (EMV)/midpoint, and maximum range of pay.
List of Pay Bands
Professional Title:
The title associated with the duties of the position.
Work Location:
The physical location of the position.