The temp pool coordinator has put together the following tips in order to aide you during your time as a temporary worker here at the University of Miami.


General Tips

  ■  Be 15 minutes early for work.
  ■  Dress appropriately for work.
  ■  Be friendly, not talkative.
  ■  When you complete a task, don’t sit idle; ask for additional work.
  ■  Show a willingness to do more.
  ■  Provide quality customer service.
  ■  Limit use of personal calls either cell or business phone.
  ■  Limited use of internet, get permission to “surf the net”.

Telephone Techniques and Tips

Ask your supervisor for information on answering the telephone. Make sure you have access to the University of Miami directory which provides valuable information.

Some common techniques are:
“Purchasing department, Victoria speaking, how may I help you?” or “Good morning, Student Accounts, this is Ana: how may I direct your call?”

Permanent Employment

Obtaining employment through the Temporary Pool does not guarantee permanent placement or appointment into a permanent position at the University of Miami. You may apply for permanent positions by visiting

Applying for Regular Jobs

View open positions on the Human Resources career site. When you find a position of interest, click the “Apply Online” button. Submit an online application for each position of interest. The hiring department or Human Resources will contact you if you are selected for an interview.

Completion of Assignment

At the end of your temporary assignment, you MUST contact the temporary pool coordinator if you wish to be placed on another temporary assignment.


Thank you for selecting the University of Miami as a career path. The University of Miami Temporary Pool Services strives to offer the best work environment and deliver quality service to our customers.