Ok, so you just got assigned to fill a position as a temp. Now what do you do?

The answer to this may depend on how you got the position:
    •  If you were not in the temp pool when you were hired, you need to complete the online application and submit your resume. Click here for more information.
    •  If you were already in the temp pool, that means that you’ve already submitted an application and resume. If, somehow, you haven’t, please also follow the directions here and submit them.

Once you’ve got an application and resume submitted to us, you can continue to the next steps.

Meet with the Temp Pool Coordinator

After you have been assigned to a position, our office will contact you to schedule an appointment with the Temp Pool Coordinator. In order to streamline the process and ensure that you only have to make one visit to our office, please bring your ORIGINAL Social Security Card and your Driver’s License or another form of picture ID.

In this meeting, you will be completing the required paperwork. If you have not already set up a direct deposit account online, you have to fill out a direct deposit form. For this form, you will need to know the routing and account numbers of your direct deposit account, and it is for this reason we recommend you have that information handy before you come in for the meeting.

If you have not worked at The University in the last 30 days and are going to be working for more than 30 days as a temp, you must take a drug test. This test is done on campus, and you will receive more information and instructions during the meeting. Also, if your position entails working with children under the age of 18 or the elderly, you are required to have a Level II Background Check. This includes fingerprinting, and you will receive further direction during the meeting.

If you have had previous work experience, we require two references from past employers. We will send out the requests ourselves, so you only need to have the name and address of the employer handy. If you have only had one previous employer, you only need to submit one reference.

Kronos TACS Instructions

The Time and Attendance Collection System (TACS) is an automated system used to collect time and attendance information from employees through the telephone system. It replaces manual timesheets. TACS records the time for activities associated with arrival or “clocking in” and departure or “clocking out”. These activities are identified and recorded based on the “clock code” used.

It is your responsibility to clock in and out during the day. If you forget to clock in, notify your supervisor immediately. You are required to clock in from your desk only. You cannot clock in from your home phone, cell phone, or any other unauthorized phone. Also, you cannot ask someone else to clock in for you. Please note that clocking in from an unauthorized phone may result in immediate termination.

Please click here for instructions on how to setup and use Kronos TACS

CaneID Instructions

Follow the steps below to create a CaneID if you do not already have one. If you have a CaneID but forgot it, follow the first step and then click the link for Forgot your CaneID or Password? on the right side.

1. Go to https://caneid.miami.edu/cas/.
2.  On the Login screen, click on First time using CaneID?
3.  Click on Continue and create a CaneID.
4.  Enter your Social Security Number in the UM ID/SSN field and your date of birth in the Date of Birth field. Click Continue.
5. Enter your name and address information. Use your personal email address. Click Continue.
6. Accept the CaneID presented or change it to something you would prefer. You will need this CaneID to set up an email address and to access many University systems. Click Continue.
7. Choose a password based on the rules displayed on the screen. You will need this password to set up an email address and to access many University systems. Click Continue.
8.  Create a new Security Question by choosing one from the drop down menu. Then enter and confirm your answer. This will be used in case you forget your password. Click Submit.

You have now completed setting up your CaneID and password.

Pay Policy

Direct deposit is mandatory for all employees. You may view your paycheck statement online at myUM. If it appears that there is an error in the calculation of your paycheck, contact your supervisor immediately.

Pay Schedule

Exempt Employees (Monthly)
Employees are paid monthly, on the last working day of the month.

Non-Exempt Employees (Biweekly)
Hourly-paid employees are paid every other Thursday. If payday falls on a holiday, employees will be paid on the regular working day before the holiday.

Click here to access the Pay Schedules.

Paid Time Off

Temporary employees are not eligible for paid time off, i.e., vacation, sick, holiday, or administrative leave.