The Departmental Human Resources System (DHRS) is the University’s computerized repository and update mechanism for all data relating to employees. This includes basic demographic information for each employee, deductions and benefits, payroll and tax data, and an employment history showing all activity for an employee. A position control feature contains all available positions at the University, both filled and vacant. Combinations of these data types form a comprehensive database for payroll, affirmative action, benefits, time and effort accounting, budgeting, personnel related data, and employment history. All data is stored in the University’s integrated database system.

Human resource data systems are traditionally centralized. DHRS allows for the distribution of this functionality to the department level. This distribution consists of two basic areas: inquiry and update. A comprehensive security system ensures that each user is permitted to view only the data for employees in that department(s), and can be further limited to specific subsets of data by employee type. All categories of employees are handled in the system including Administrative/Professional, Faculty, non-exempt staff, Research, and students. The update portion of the system takes a “document” approach to the functionality. Each transaction (such as a new hire, promotion, or termination) is considered a document. Data entered for a particular transaction forms a “document” when initially entered into the system, but does not immediately update the database. When the entry is completed, it is submitted through an approval process which can be uniquely designed for each department/division. This approval process routes the document through all necessary approvers, collecting signatures electronically along the way. The approval process is extremely flexible and can be set up for each department or area (as needed) with any number of approvals required (e.g.; departmental, dean, vice president, and central offices). When the last approval is given, the permanent database is updated with the appropriate data. All approval data is retained as an auditing tool. Documents can also be placed on hold pending further data, or denied (with messages sent back to the originator for further clarification), or returned for correction.

DHRS Access
DHRS has five levels of access. Your level of access determines the functions you are able to use.
Verify: Allows checking the status of an employee. User will only have access to the Employee Verification Screen.
Inquiry: Allows viewing of online employment data for department employees within defined limits.
Input: Permits departments to enter/change employment data online for employees within specified departments.
Approval: Allows users to approve document(s) previously entered in DHRS.
Kronos: Permits the addition of employees to the Kronos system. User will only have access to the Kronos TAG Information Screen. (Contact Payroll for access and training information)
How can you obtain a User ID and Password for DHRS Web?
If you already have a PIDMS User ID and you have access to DHRS on the “green screens,” you can use the same User ID and Password to sign in to DHRS Web on UMAPPS. Click on the following link to launch the DHRS Web: If you do not already have access to DHRS, you must complete the appropriate form(s) via UMeNet.