The IDX Enterprise System is utilized by the University’s hospitals and clinics to manage patient care activity. It comprises nine integrated applications:

1. Appointment Scheduling (SCH) is used to schedule and maintain patient appointments. It also maintains provider schedules and facilities the printing of appointment letter, reports and data.

2. Visit Management provides admission, discharge, and transfer capabilities for hospital inpatients and outpatients. It also collects, displays, and reports information related to patient registration at the visit level, visit bed management, insurance management.

3. Encounter Form Generator (EFG) produces an encounter form (voucher/charge ticket/routing slip), which prints the patient’s appointment and registration data (demographic and insurance information) from the system on the form.

4. Front Desk is an on-line module integrated with BAR and HPA which allows the front desk user to post time of service payments to produce a receipt for the patient.

5. Transaction Editing System (TES) captures, evaluates and facilitates the editing of patient charges prior to submitting a claim.

6. Billing and Accounts Receivable (BAR) provides billing and account receivables for physician billing and generates comprehensive billing and collection reports.

7. Hospital Patient Accounting (HPA) provides the management of patient billing, collections, and insurance plans from initial registration through the resolution of payment for hospital services. 

8. Manage Care Application (MCA) collects patient demographics, insurance and enrollment data. It also provides a referral management system to track authorizations and process claims.

9. Chart Tracking (CT) is a medical record system which allows medical records to be tracked throughout the enterprise.

A typical user of the IDX system would be an employee that works in one of the hospitals, clinics or departments that provide medical services to patients.

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