In the interdepartmental requisitions (IDR) process, services are requested by one University department and provided by another University department. The cost of services provided are charged to the requestor department and credited to the provider department. For audit trail purposes, the IDR system contains the following information: specifications of services requested, contact person, invoice charges after services are provided, and the account information. The system automatically assigns a number to the IDR document as well as the fiscal year when the IDR was created. The IDR online system creates encumbrances and journal entry transactions, which are posted to the Financial Records System (FRS) real time. The IDR number is displayed throughout the system and appears in FRS online screens and on monthly reports (Report 90’s). A typical user of the IDR online system would be an established online service center and departments who conduct business with the online service center. For additional information, please contact the Assistant Controller for Systems in the Controller’s Office.