Financial Records System Access Form

FRS is the repository of the University‚Äôs financial transactions. The system is the source of financial data used to produce external and internal financial reports and it serves all levels of operational management including budgeting, operations and historical information. It provides summary and detail information on actual revenues and expenditures, encumbrances, budgets, an audit trail, and a basis for verification of the accountability of persons administering University funds. Accounting for certain individual documents, such as purchase orders and accounts payable with historical record of its financial transactions, is also available. The account number is the cornerstone of the system. Attributes coded in the account number allow for roll-up reporting. The system generates financial reports at the account level (lowest level) during the month-end cycle known as the Report 90s. These Report 90s are produced for all University accounts and can be viewed via the Report Distribution System (RDS). A typical user of FRS would be an account responsible person, principal investigator, department administrator and/or staff responsible for account reconciliation processes or roll-up reporting. For additional information, please contact the General Accounting Department of the Controller’s Office at (305) 284-4877. For training information, please visit Education and Training in the Controller’s Office website.