Should Composite Fringe Benefits (CFB) be charged to the department when it submits an additive pay, such as cell phone payment or overload?

If a supplement or any other non-base assignment is submitted into DHRS via DHRS Web, will the Budget Roll, when it takes place, roll the base assignment also?

How do I process a bonus?

How do I process an overload for an Administrative/Professional, Faculty, or Research employee?

Can I process an overload for a non-exempt (hourly-paid) employee?

How do I know what FTE to use when processing a teaching overload?

I need to pay an incentive pay bonus to a clinical faculty member.  What is the correct Object Code and Earnings Code to use for this and what is the document that I should select?

How do I submit a cell phone allowance document in DHRS?

How to end the cell phone allowance for an employee that was already paid for it?


Yes, the CFB will be included in these types of payment. For more information, please refer to the Expense Object Codes Explanations, since object codes will determine if the assignment will or will not have CFB.

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If the following earning codes are in DHRS when the roll occurs, the roll from B-Prep will still continue:

Document Type Earnings Code
Additive Pay 791; 792; 793; 794; 795; 796; 903; 910; 911
Bonus Pay 450; 451; 452; 453; 462; 463
Deferred Pay 902
Overload Pay 400; 401; 402
Summer Pay 788; 789; 790; 798; 799

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Please refer to the DHRS Support website and to the Temporary Compensation Adjustment policy for Administrative/Professional employees or for Research employees.

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No. Non-Exempt (hourly-paid) employees cannot be paid an overload in DHRS. Therefore, if there is an “overload” or temporary instructor type pay situation, it must be handled via Kronos.

“Overload,” normally referred to as a “float” assignment for non-exempt employees, cannot be processed in DHRS. If an account other than the employee’s base assignment account will be used to pay for the extra hours worked as a result of the float, the information must be noted in Kronos. The department assigning the “overload” or “float” assignment will pay the overtime incurred.

The work week begins on Friday and ends on Thursday. Hours exceeding 40 in the work week must be paid at the overtime rate. Hours worked during regular days off are not paid at the overtime rate, unless hours worked exceed 40 in the workweek.

The following example illustrates how an “overload” can be processed in Kronos.

Hourly-paid employee teaching a class or performing duties for another department or as an “overload” type situation:
If the additional duties will be paid using the current pay rate:

1. Employee clocks in with a 5 (float) and enters the department number.
2. The person that approves the timecard will have to move the “float” amounts to an OT work rule.

If the additional duties will be paid using a prearranged amount (for example, $200):
1. Calculate the employee’s time and one half rate based on current pay rate.
2. Divide $200 (or pay per week for hours worked as instructor) by the time and one half pay rate.
3. Input hours using the appropriate pay code (350 if regular/343 if casual worker or temporary employee) and comment “Special Project.”

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The Object Code for an incentive pay bonus for a job code “C” employee (Clinical Faculty) that is a status FR is 1074. The Earnings Code to use is 451 and you must select the document Bonus Pay under the Additive Pay menu in the Document Submission menu in DHRS. 

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Cell phone allowances must be submitted via DHRS Web using the Salary Change/Correction document under the Document Submission tab.

Earning/Event/Object Code combination:
Earning Code: 914
Event Code: AP
Object Code:
1986: Medical School and hospitals employees. Used to record allowance paid in accordance with University policy. Payments are subject to withholding taxes but not subject to fringe benefits.
1987:Non Medical School and non hospital employees Used to record allowance paid in accordance with University policy. Payments are subject to withholding taxes but not subject to fringe benefits.

Note:Cell phone allowances for new hires and moves will be processed by departments.  Central Offices will use the Cell Phone Allowance form as a backup to approval.

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If you receive a request to end a cell phone allowance for an employee that was already paid for it and shouldn’t have been, please proceed as follows:

—Access DHRS Web and select the Salary Change Document under the Document Submission Menu.

—The assignment needs to be ended in the current pay period indicating in the remarks that the overpayment will be adjusted in the following paycheck.

—The department needs to send an e-mail to the appropriate Payroll Rep with the employee’s C number requesting that the amount of the Cell Phone Allowance overpayment be deducted from the next paycheck (copy (cc) the appropriate Records Assistant).In addition, include the departmental account number to credit and the sub-object code to credit is 1987 (Gables) or 1986 (Medical).

Payroll Representatives

Alphabet Distribution
Phone Number

Records Assistants

Alphabet Distribution
Phone Number
Fernanda Domingo
Maria L. Vicente
Nadieska Gonzalez Miranda