Manager's Toolkit:
Find the tools you need to be successful in building a productive and engaged team.
Calendars & Schedules:
Click here to view the calendar year holiday schedule, pay schedules, and academic calendars.
Employees of Contractors:
As an employee of a UM contractor, you have access to certain programs. Click here to learn more.
HR Forms:
Access commonly used Human Resources forms.
HR Systems: Access frequently used HR systems, including DHRS , eAppraisal , Position Requisition and others systems used at the University.
Performance Appraisals: Learn more about the University's annual performance appraisal process, conducted over the first few months of the calendar year.
Volunteer Program: Learn about the volunteer program in which employees provide service excellence related to the business of the University.
Diversity: The University of Miami comprises a plurality of races, ethnicities, languages, customs, and faiths. Learn more about our diverse workforce and our employee resource groups.
FLSA Additional Resources:
Find additional resources related to FLSA compliance.