Manager's Toolkit:
Find the tools you need to be successful in building a productive and engaged team.
Calendars & Schedules:
Click here to view the calendar year holiday schedule, pay schedules, and academic calendars.
HR Forms:
Access commonly used Human Resources forms.
Performance Reviews: Learn more about the University's annual performance review process.
Volunteer Program: Learn about the volunteer program in which employees provide service excellence related to the business of the University.
Diversity & Inclusion: The University of Miami comprises a plurality of races, ethnicities, languages, customs, and faiths. Learn more about our diverse workforce and our employee resource groups.
Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Regulation Update:
Find additional resources related to FLSA regulation and compliance.
Preventing Sexual Violence on Campus
(Title IX)
Find resources related to the prevention of sexual violence on campus, along with important contact information for those who have experienced or witnessed an act of sexual violence.