As part of the Long Service Award Program, the University of Miami announces the Retirement Recognition Award. The purpose of the award is to acknowledge and recognize faculty and staff who retire from the University.

The University considers their employees to be the heart and soul of the U and have provided this special recognition to its retirees for their many years of dedication and service.


The Retirement Recognition Award will be presented to full-time or part-time faculty and staff who retire from the University and is (a) at least 55 years of age and has been employed with the University for a minimum of 10 years, or (b) meet the Rule of 70 (age at retirement plus years of employment equals or exceeds 70).


When an employee, that meets the eligibility requirements, announces retirement from the University, the department should contact Human Resources within 30 days of estimated retirment date and provide HR with the following information:

  • Name of retiree
  • Retiree’s job title
  • Retiree’s UM identification number
  • Anticipated date of retirement

Upon notification, HR will coordinate the ordering and delivery of a Retirement Recognition Award that will be sent to the retiring employee’s department.

If there is a planned retirement celebration, please advise HR of the date and we will do our best to deliver the award package in time for the event. If a request is made with less than four weeks’ processing time, please note that the award package may arrive after the retirement date. In this case, HR will process and forward the package to the retiree’s home address.

Awards & Gifts

Each eligible retiree will receive a retirement award package that includes a recognition letter and certificate signed by UM President, Julio Frenk, a tabletop glass plaque, and an award selection brochure offering a selection of gifts to commemorate their retirement from University. The format in which the award package is presented will be determined by the retiree’s department.


To learn more about the provisions of the Retirement Recognition Award, please contact Human Resources at (305) 284-3799 or by email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).