The University of Miami recognizes all employees who have reached service milestones of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50+ years. We applaud and appreciate the enduring commitment, dedication, and contributions to the ongoing success of UM’s mission and vision. To view the names of the employees that will reach a service milestone in 2016, click here.


The Long Service Award is designed to recognize and express gratitude to faculty and staff members who have contributed many years of dedicated service to the University of Miami.

Long Service Awards are presented to employees beginning at the 10-year milestone and at 5-year intervals thereafter. Faculty member’s recognition begins at the 20-year milestone and at 5-year intervals thereafter. Faculty members and/or staff employees who reach a 45-year milestone are eligible for the LSA-Travel Award


All full-time and part-time regular employees with at least 10 years of eligible service to UM are qualified to participate in the program. Faculty member’s eligibility begins at 20 years of service.

Years of eligible service are calculated from the regular date of hire, less any time indicated by a change in status other than Faculty Full Time Regular (FP), Full Time Regular (FR), Part Time Regular (PR), Resident (RS), Leave of Absence (LY), and/or Sabbatical (SB).


A Long Service Award packet, containing a catalog and detailed instructions on how to order, are sent to award recipient’s home address. Recipients will have the option of ordering online via Eagle Recognition’s website or by mail. Once an order is placed, awards start arriving within 4 weeks.

Awards must be claimed by May 31st of the year following eligibility. Failure to claim the award within the specified time will result in a forfeit of the award for that milestone year.