The University of Miami is proud to honor 976 faculty and staff employees who have reached significant milestones in 2016! To see our list of honorees, click here. Together, our honorees have dedicated more than 18,350 years of service to the University. We thank you and applaud you for your ongoing commitment and dedication to the "U". On behalf of the University of Miami, we are pleased to offer you the option of several long service awards. To order your award, click on Sebastian to get started.

Long Service Award
The Long Service Award Program was created to provide special recognition to faculty and staff employees for their years of service to the University of Miami. Each year, UM honors more than 900 employees who have reached a service milestone. All service award recipients are recognized with a certificate and a gift based on milestone year. Service levels are recognized in 5-year increments, starting with 10 years of service. Faculty recognition begins with the 20-year milestone and at 5 year intervals.

Long Service Travel Awards
The Long Service Travel Awards program offers travel certificates to eligible faculty and staff employees who have reached their 45-year milestone. The award continues at 5-year intervals thereafter. This award provides travel certificates valid for round-trip tickets serviced by American Airlines. The intent of this award is to provide complimentary travel for the employee and a guest.

Retirement Recognition Award
As part of the Long Service Award Program, the Retirement Recognition Award's purpose is to acknowledge and recognize faculty and staff employees for their retirement from the University of Miami. The goal of the retirement award is to provide retiring employees with a gift, suitable to their own taste, to mark UM's appreciation for the service they provided and the special contribution each employee has made to the success of the U.