These Policies and Procedures serve as a managerial guide outlining personnel policies for Administrative/Professional, Research, and non-exempt employees.  In addition, they identify the terms and conditions of employment.  The Human Resources or Faculty Affairs Central Offices serve an advisory function to department heads with respect to the implementation of these Policies.

These Policies supersede previous personnel practices, policies and procedures.  The Policies and Procedures are available online in the University‚Äôs website and are revised periodically. Employees may recommend changes by submitting them to the Vice President for Human Resources, who will periodically review recommendations and may recommend appropriate changes.  Changes not approved will be returned to the originator with an explanation.

These Policies are subject to change at the sole discretion of the University.  They should not be construed as a contract guaranteeing employment for any specific duration.  No supervisor, department chair or any other University employee other than the President, Dean, General Counsel, or the Vice President of Human Resources has the authority to enter into any agreement for employment, or make exceptions, promises or commitments contrary to the policies contained herein.  Further, any employment agreement, promises, or commitments shall not be enforceable unless they are in writing.  The University retains the right to exercise all managerial functions including, but not limited to the following:

  • To dismiss, assign, supervise, and discipline employees;
  • To determine and change starting times, quitting times, and shifts;
  • To transfer employees within departments or into other departments and other classifications;
  • To determine and change the size and qualifications of the work force;
  • To determine and change methods by which its operations are to be carried out;
  • To determine and change the nature, location, goods produced, services rendered, quantity, and continued operation of the University; and
  • To assign duties to employees in accordance with the University’s needs and requirements, and to carry out all ordinary administrative and management functions.
  • Nothing in these Policies should be considered as altering the employment-at-will relationship or as creating an expressed or implied contract or promise concerning the policies or practices that the University has implemented or will implement in the future.