General Policies and Procedures
Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action
Consensual Relationships
Charitable Solicitations and Contributions
Public Information
Standards of Excellence and Accountability for University Services
Use of University Stationery
Employment Policies and Procedures
Work/Life Program
Alternative Work Arrangement
Attendance: Absence and Tardiness
Employment of Relatives (Nepotism)
Drug Free Workplace
Drug/Alcohol Policy
Recruitment, Selection, and Placement
Background Search
Temporary Employment
Employment of Minors
Employee Categories
Personnel Files
Probationary Period
Proof of Age
Retirement Age
Temporary Services Pool
Employee Health and Safety
Wage and Salary Policies and Procedures
Establishment of a New Position
Job Descriptions and Organizational Charts
Pay Increases
Position Reclassification
D. Pay Policies and Procedures
Differential Pay
Emergency/Disaster Pay
On Call/Standby
Call Back Pay
Cash and Cash Equivalent Gifts Policy
Leaves of Absence Policies and Procedures
Sick Pay/Time
Workers’ Compensation
Industrial Disability
Miscellaneous Policies and Procedures
Admission Tickets
Emergency Medical Assistance
Smoke-Free Campus