Recruitment Forms
These documents are needed to complete the recruitment process:
This form must be completed when filling jobs for all posted University positions, excluding faculty. The form is submitted to Human Resources when a department is ready to extend an offer to a candidate for hire. An offer cannot be extended to the individual without prior approval from Human Resources.
Use this form for all new hire and rehire employees located on the Coral Gables or Rosenstiel Marine campuses (not for student or faculty employees). Positions working directly with minors, the disabled or the elderly require Level II (fingerprint) background searches. This form is required for the top candidate only; the top part needs to be completed and faxed to Human Resources at (305) 284-2854. Note: Social media tools should not be used as a method of background check.
This memo advises you to ensure you obtain favorable references for the final candidate.
Other Recruiting Tools