Hiring and compensating at UM is a multi-step process. The following will guide you through the elements of this process for either existing or new regular, non-faculty positions.

Step 1
The Hiring Manager determines the need to fill, create, or reclassify a position. Obtain the appropriate levels of approval as defined by your department’s own guidelines. If you have questions about internal approvals, contact your manager.

Step 2
Complete the Position Requisition.

Step 3
Once the appropriate position requisition form is completed and approved, the position is posted and ready to receive applicants.

Step 4
For non-exempt positions, the recruiter screens the applicants and then forwards the top candidates to the hiring manager of the department. Candidates for exempt positions, however, are forwarded directly to the hiring manager. The hiring manager reviews referred candidates and schedules interviews. Please see Recruitment Guidelines for further information on the subject.

The Interview Summary Form replaces the PAS 35 and Applicant Referral Form and must be completed when filling jobs for all posted University positions, excluding faculty.

The Checking References Memo advises you to ensure you obtain favorable references for the final candidate.

Step 5
The Hiring Manager must complete the Interview Summary Form and submit it to the appropriate Central Office or Equality Administration for approval.

Step 6
Once the Interview Summary Form is approved, the department may extend the offer to the candidate. The offer is contingent upon drug tests and a background check. Complete the Background Search Form and fax it to the Human Resources Employment Office at (305) 284-2854. Please submit this to HR as soon as possible after the offer is made.

Step 7
Inform the candidate that he/she needs to make an appointment with HR Employment (Phone Number - (305) 284-3798) to complete/update paperwork for their personnel file. The drug test must be completed within 48 hours of the offer. The candidate should bring a signed Social Security Card for Payroll purposes and acceptable documents for E-Verify.

For information regarding students or temporary pool employees, visit the appropriate web site:
Student Employment
Temporary Pool Employees