When an employee tenders their resignation from the University, their department informs the employee about the Exit Interview Survey and the importance of completing the survey. At this time, the survey is only for regular non-faculty/non-research employees of the Coral Gables/Rosenstiel Marine campuses.  Whenever possible, the employee should complete the survey prior to the employee’s last day of service. This will assist in ensuring the greatest response rate.  Employees should be informed that Exit Interview Survey is completely confidential; a completed survey cannot be connected to an employee in any way since it contains no name or email address.  However, a section in the survey is provided for employees that wish to identify themselves.

To initiate the Exit Interview process, the departing employee’s supervisor or the departmental Human Resources liaison will complete the Exit Interview Notification Form.  This is an online form and the link is on the Clearance Checklist, Section D.

Within one business day, Monday through Friday, a Human Resources representative will access the data collected by the Exit Interview Notification online form and email the Exit Interview Survey to the departing employee’s UM email address for completion. 

If the employee does not have a UM email address, the HR representative will send an Exit Interview packet to the employee. The packet will have a hard copy of the survey and instructions to have the completed survey returned through US mail or if they prefer the online survey, the link to the survey will be provided in the packet.   

If the employee has left the University, the HR representative will mail the former employee an Exit Interview packet. The packet will have instructions on how to complete the survey online or the optional hard copy survey.

The Human Resources office will collect the information from the actual survey and will study and analyze the data and provide division heads and HR liaisons with detailed reports on a quarterly basis. 

Questions regarding the survey procedures or the online survey tool should be directed to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)