April 3, 2014
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Fiscal Year 2013 Unused Vacation Conversion of Unused Sick Time to Vacation for Fiscal Year 2015

This notice addresses two aspects; 1) unused vacation earned during Fiscal Year 2013, and 2) the conversion of sick time to vacation time available for use during the 2015 Fiscal Year, (Fiscal Year 2015: 2R26 {04/24/2014} to 2R25 {04/23/2015}).

Adjustments will be made in two stages. First, vacation time accrued in Fiscal Year 2013 and not used by the end of pay period 2R08 (August 27, 2014), will be deducted from your total vacation balance. This balance will be shown on the following paycheck. The adjustment will be reflected on the paycheck dated September 19, 2014.

The basis of these two issues is explained below.

Unused Vacation

In accordance with University of Miami policy, vacation accruals must be used by the end of the fiscal year following the fiscal year in which it was earned. All such excess vacation must be taken by the end of the three-month extension, or it is removed from the vacation balance. No pay is given for lost vacation days.

Employees may view their excess vacation amount by going to myUM and selecting the "Employee" tab, then selecting "Payroll, HR, Miscellaneous," and finally "Leave Balances" (available from April to September only). Note: The excess vacation shown prior to pay period 2R25 is only an estimate.

If you would like an estimate of excess vacation prior to April 1, you can manually calculate the time using this form, Estimating Vacation Hours to be Used Before Fiscal Year End.

Conversion of Sick Time to Vacation Time

Secondly, an additional adjust will be made prior to the payday of October 3, 2014 which will add to your vacation balance for Fiscal Year 2015, approved sick time conversions from Fiscal Year 2014. Conversion forms will be sent via interoffice mail. Your October 3, 2013 paycheck will reflect the corrected adjusted sick and vacation balances.

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Should you require additional information, visit the Vacation Time Policy.

1) Fiscal Year 2013: 2R26 (04/29/2012) to 2R25 (04/26/2013)
2) Fiscal Year 2014: 2R26 (04/29/2013) to 2R25 (04/25/2014)