The Interview Summary Form (ISF) is designed to expedite and streamline the hiring process for all positions, excluding faculty.  Hiring authorities will continue to use the PAS-35 Form for faculty hires only.
Once you have completed the recruitment and selection processes and have made a hiring decision, you must complete and submit an ISF to Human Resources/Equality Administration Office for review and approval.

The process to complete the ISF is as follows:

1. Enter the name, interview date, disposition code and comment(s) of each applicant interviewed by phone or in person.

2. Type your name to represent your signature and forward the ISF to the assigned recruiter via e-mail.

Please Note:  Salary proposals and educational requirements outside of established guidelines require Human Resources approval.  Attach a business justification letter to the ISF for the exceptions.

Approvals will be processed as follows:
Non-Exempt Positions: You will receive an email notification from Human Resources to proceed with the job offer consistent with hiring processes on your respective campuses.
Exempt Positions: The assigned recruiter will forward the ISF to Equality Administration for review.  You will receive an e-mail notification from Equality Administration when the search is approved.  Upon notification, you may proceed
with the job offer consistent with the hiring process on your respective campus.

The Interview Summary Form is reviewed periodically and updated as appropriate by Human Resources and Equality Administration.  It is our goal to continue to improve and deliver strategic Human Resources programs and services.