HR Communications provides University-wide messaging to brand UM as a great place to work and an employer of choice. We provide direct support to the areas within the Department of Human Resources (HR) to finalize and approve messages targeted to University of Miami faculty and staff. Through our communications collateral, we distribute relevant information to promote a culture of excellence, learning, fairness, and inclusion within the University.

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Our Focus
Our Services
Working With Us
Client Services and Scheduling
Project Initiation Deadlines
Typical Project Milestones

Our Focus

Messages from our team are guided by the University of Miami’s goal of creating an environment conducive to attracting, engaging, and retaining high performers. Communications should be professional and relevant, supporting UM’s aspiration to become the next great American research university. Our team will review outgoing communications to ensure they relate to the University’s total rewards package - everything offered to UM faculty and staff for their contributions and service to the University. (Rewards elements include pay, benefits, recognition programs, training and development, and other important aspects of a career at the “U.”)

Our Services

HR Communications can help you review and finalize your message, as well as assist you in the development of a communication strategy that will most effectively reach your target audience. In addition, our team works within HR to manage and update content on the human resources website, develop and execute internal promotional campaigns, draft leadership messages, review presentations, create printed marketing materials, and manage direct mail projects. We are also available to create video and social media as needed (advance approval required).

Working With Us

If you are interested in working with our team, please first obtain approval for your project. You may then complete the online project request form and one of our team members will contact you to discuss next steps.

Client Services and Scheduling

To effectively serve the needs of all areas within HR, please review the project initiation deadlines outlined below. In addition, we ask that you provide all content (copy and art) in “close to final” format when submitting the project request form.

Project Initiation Deadlines

Website (edits to current content) 2 weeks in advance of delivery
Website (addition of new page/content) 4 weeks in advance of delivery
Newsletters, small brochures (up to 8 p) 8 weeks in advance of delivery
Email newsletters 6 weeks in advance of delivery
Invitations, postcards, posters 4 weeks in advance of delivery
E-Blasts/e-vites 3 weeks in advance of delivery
Advertisements 3 weeks in advance of delivery
Newsletter articles 3 weeks in advance of delivery
Proofreading/Editing (up to 4 pages) 1 week in advance of delivery
Communications from leadership 3 weeks in advance of delivery
Event promotion 8 weeks in advance of delivery

Typical Project Milestones

  1. Project initiated (via project request form).
  2. Client meeting (unless the project is a recurrence of a previously established one) to review goals, and special considerations.
  3. Production schedule developed (based on project requirements and your desired delivery date.
  4. Copywriting and/or editing to ensure clear, relevant messages.
  5. Copy approval.
  6. Graphic/photo elements. HR Communications does not maintain a photo gallery. We ask that you provide all art to our office when requesting a project. If you are unable to do so, we can provide you with stock photo options (cost may apply). We can also work with your team to schedule a photo shoot, if necessary (cost applied).
  7. First proof of your project delivered for your review, either via hard-copy or PDF file.
  8. Client review/feedback (we request that you return a marked-up copy, along with an electronic file of any significant additions/changes to copy or design).
  9. Second and third proofs are circulated, with client changes incorporated and review/feedback provided.
  10. Final edits are incorporated.
  11. If printing: Project shipped to print (HR Communications reviews blueline printers’ proofs). Final printed pieces delivered to address of your choice (printing and shipping costs apply).
  12. If electronic: Project sent to client in final electronic format.