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   Honors Students' Association


HSA offers all Honors students the exciting opportunity to join this prestigious student organization. 

HSA serves as the social and cultural arm of the Honors Program. Over a quarter of a century old, HSA has grown to more than 400 members. While the Honors Program coordinates courses aimed at academic excellence, HSA is a step towards meeting the people and the programs students need to succeed in college and in life. Members have the opportunity to meet and network with new and returning honors students, who understand the issues and concerns unique to honors students.

Membership includes an official HSA T-shirt, meetings, on-campus events (with plenty of food), volunteer opportunities, an annual banquet, special seminars, and other discounted events. Honors students who wish to join should fill out the membership application and send it (by mail or in person) along with the one-time membership fee of $50 to the Honors Program, Rhodes House, Building 37-Room K (NOTE: the membership fee cannot be accepted online, and you must be an Honors Student to join). As a part of HSA's commitment to the community, a $2 donation is accepted in addition to the dues. The money collected will be donated to a charitable organization chosen by HSA members at a later meeting.  Once you are a member, be sure to look for e-mails concerning upcoming meetings. You may contact HSA officers for more details; they are eager to get to know and serve you.

The Honors Students' Association wishes to help you succeed at UM, while enabling you to flourish both socially and academically within the Honors Program.

Please see the HSA Calendar for upcoming events

2014-2015 Officers

President and Senator Gabriela Wagener    g.wagener@umiami.edu
Vice-President Benjamin (Ben) Morris   b.morris5@umiami.edu
Treasurer Alejandro (Alex) Anduze   a.anduze@umiami.edu
Secretary Safa Chowdhury   s.chowdhury6@umiami.edu
Activities and Volunteer Coordinator Richard Campbell   r.campbell4@umiami.edu
Historian Megan Sharkey   m.sharkey1@umiami.edu








Ms Andrea DuPuch     Andrea DuPuch, Assistant Director, Honors Program
    305.284.5384 (phone)
    305.284.5241 (fax)