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Prospective Freshmen and Transfer Students
The University is in the process of revising the General Honors Program to make it more responsive to the educational programs of our nine undergraduate schools. The details of the revised General Honors Program will be posted on the University's website by the new calendar year at the latest.  


Enrolled UM Students
Students who enrolled at UM beginning in August 2014 and prior are eligible to apply for entrance in the General Honors Program. Freshman and sophomores may request entrance into the Honors Program if they have achieved a 3.500 or higher UM cumulative grade point average and have earned no more than 60 credits toward graduation. Students will be required to submit a resume and a letter (include student number) stating why he/she would like to be a member of the program via e-mail to honorsprogram@miami.edu.  After review of the material, students will be notified via email.