When Should You Contact Us
The Office Of Government and Community Relations should be contacted whenever you are –
  • Considering reaching out to an elected government official or their staff for a meeting, support or funding
  • Planning or organizing an event where you plan to invite elected government officials
  • Contacted by a government official or someone from their office
  • Writing a letter or white paper to be presented to a governmental body or person, on behalf of the University
  • Considering joining a chamber or actively involved in one
  • Receiving calls or questions from University neighbors
    When planning or organizing an event to include elected government officials –
    The following information needs to be sent to the Office of Government and Community Relations as soon as possible:
  • General background information on the event
  • What role do you expect the government official to play, if other than a guest
  • If inviting them as a guest speaker, topic you would like for them to speak about
  • Date and exact time of the event , along with a timeline of all activities
  • Approximate number of persons expected to attend
  • Audience make-up (i.e. students, professors, scientists, doctors, general public)
  • Whether or not the event is open to the press
  • Sample of the invitation or draft of the invitation letter to be sent
    Contact Information
    University of Miami
    Office of Government and Community Relations
    6200 San Amaro Drive, 3rd Floor
    Newman Alumni Center (LC 1530)
    Coral Gables, Florida 33146
    Rudy Fernandez Beatriz Gradera
    Senior Vice President for Public Affairs and Communications and Chief of Staff to the President Manager, Business Operations
    Responsible for office administrative and budget matters, and supports Vice-President and Assistant Vice-President with local government matters..
    305-284-4085 305-284-2684
    rudyfernandez@miami.edu bgradera@miami.edu
    Raena Wright Maite Alvarez
    Assistant Vice-President Assistant Vice-President
    305-284-2618 305-284-6282
    raenawright@miami.edu malvarez1@miami.edu
    Responsible for State and Federal matters. Responsible for Local government matters, and matters related to Real Estate, Facilities and Planning.
    Sarah N. Artecona Mindy Herris
    Assistant Vice-President Community Relations Manager
    305-284-5490 305-284-5478
    sartecona@miami.edu mherris@miami.edu
    Responsible for matters related with City of Coral Gables Development Agreement, Chambers and supporting University Schools and Colleges. Responsible for managing relationship with UM Neighbors, local chambers and community organizations.
    Shreya Kuntawala Laura Miguel
    Government Relations Manager Sr. Administrative Assistant
    305-284-4456 305-284-4415
    s.kuntawala@miami.edu lms76@miami.edu
    Responsible for supporting State & Federal government relations and managing legislative matters. Supports Assistant Vice-Presidents and Managers.