Hispanicness versus Americanness

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A study from the School of Communication wins “Best Paper Award” at the annual conference of the American Academy of Advertising

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Does perception of brand ethnicity sway consumers’ purchasing decision? A new University of Miami study shows that Hispanic consumers associate certain brands with Hispanic culture and other brands with American culture. The perception of brand “Hispanicness” versus “Americanness” affects consumers’ behavior, although external factors such as brand accessibility also play a role, the study says.

The report titled “Perceived ‘Hispanicness’ versus ‘Americanness’: A study of brand ethnicity with Hispanic consumers.” is the winner of this year’s “Best Paper Award” at the annual conference of the American Academy of Advertising. The authors are Cong Li and Wanhsiu Sunny Tsai, assistant professors of Advertising; and Gonzalo Soruco, associate professor of Advertising, in the School of Communication.

The findings show that Hispanic consumers recognize Hispanic versus American culture through brands. The results also raise the possibility that understanding consumers’ preference based on brand’s perceived culture will help advertisers to formulate the best strategies for their target consumers. The study highlights the importance of crafting marketing messages and branding approaches that are culturally relevant.


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