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Business School undergraduates bring lessons to Miami’s inner-city youths during Hyperion Service Day.

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The University of Miami School of Business is a leading business school, offering undergraduate business, full-time MBA, Executive MBA, MS, PhD and non-degree executive education programs.

Members of the School's Hyperion Council spent time this month encouraging young people from Miami's Overtown neighborhood to pursue healthy lifestyle habits ranging from smart spending to eating right. Eighteen business students took part in Hyperion Service Day as part of Black Awareness Month Day of Service, or BAM DOS.  They introduced elementary and middle school students from the Overtown Youth Center to basic budgeting concepts to improve their financial literacy skills.

The Hyperion Council also helped organize a carnival, sponsored and run by UBS, which promoted healthy habits and lifestyles.  Hyperion helped create and run two of the carnival’s six booths.  At one of their booths, Hyperion members helped children learn about financial responsibility through a Jeopardy-style game with various categories such as smart spending, getting ready for college, and saving.  The other booth taught teamwork and provided the youth with the opportunity to improve their teamwork skills through several team building exercises.

"It was a great event and being able to see the kids learning and having fun was very rewarding,” said Kyle Harke, a member of the Hyperion Council. “I hope the Hyperion Council can continue to participate in the event in the future."

The Hyperion Council is a student organization that focuses on developing projects to strengthen the bonds between the local business and university communities. Each year, the council initiates projects that link the university to at-risk communities and promotes important business concepts including market economics, entrepreneurship, personal and financial success, and business ethics to better themselves, their communities and their countries.

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