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Devoted to adventurous scholarship and dynamic dialogue, UM’s Center for the Humanities is on track to become a vibrant nexus of intellectual life.

(October 27, 2009) —

Bringing the Humanities Home
With an inaugural group of Faculty Fellows and a full slate of activities already planned, the UM College of Arts and Sciences’ new Center for the Humanities is poised to become a vibrant cultural resource. This academic year, the center will host or cohost more than 25 events, including two symposia and lectures on topics ranging from political affairs to animal rights. Online content that showcases the scholarly explorations of UM faculty will be equally varied.

One of the first initiatives of its kind in South Florida, the center is “filling a need not just for UM but for the entire area,” explains Professor of English Mihoko Suzuki, the center’s inaugural director. “One of our goals is to bring dialogue to the South Florida community to enrich its public intellectual culture.”

Exploring Ideas, Nurturing Inquiry
According to Suzuki, scholars from across the University have already contributed their time and talents to the center. A collaboration with Books and Books Coral Gables will enable UM faculty members to present their recently published books to the Miami community. In addition to the Interdisciplinary Research Groups—collaborations between faculty and graduate students—that are already forming under the center’s auspices, Suzuki seeks to encourage innovative new partnerships with UM scholars in the sciences, medicine, and law.

For the community, she adds, the center offers “a way to demystify academia and to have a chance to become acquainted with very exciting, relevant research. Humanities scholars can serve as the repository of knowledge about what is best in human creativity—and as a living conscience of how we can all become more ethical, communally engaged people.”

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