Faculty and Staff

One-to-one Consultations

University of Miami faculty, staff, and retirees, as well as their domestic partners, spouses and dependents are able to meet with Employee Assistance Professionals free of charge.  While the variety of concerns presented to the FSAP range widely in their scope, the goal of the FSAP consultant remain the same. Consultants will provide a comprehensive assessment of the presented concern(s), offer support and feedback; recommending a plan of action for addressing individual concern(s) that will take into account, the client’s available resources.  When continued support is warranted, follow-up visits, coaching and/or case management services are offered. Recommendations may also include referrals to resources outside the FSAP.

Information and Referral Services

Employees may contact the FSAP to request helpful information for managing life challenges.  The FSAP will offer education and information regarding community programs available to meet specific needs.  The referral function is meant to assist clients in identifying, and facilitating access to, additional resources beyond the FSAP.  While FSAP attendance is free of charge, referral to more intensive or specialized professional services may involve some expense to the client.  Any costs for treatment or care beyond the FSAP will be the responsibility of the individual receiving those services.  Some of these costs may be covered by the recipient’s insurance plan.

FSAP Intake Forms to be completed by future client.

Supervisors / Managers

Management Consultations

The FSAP serves as an educational and informational resource for administrators, managers, supervisors and others in sorting through behavioral or performance issues.  In addition, the FSAP can assist leadership with identification of intervention strategies, as well as, provide consultation on when and how to refer someone to the FSAP.

Formal Supervisory Referrals

The FSAP seeks to support emotional health and well-being by working with employees to address concerns before they negatively impact the person or their workplace performance.  Thus, early consultation and intervention is strongly encouraged.  A supervisor may determine that referring an individual to the FSAP is advisable and necessary.  Such referral is generally based upon a demonstrated pattern of declining productivity, erratic attendance, or atypical behavior where the referring agent has reason to believe there may be a personal problem impacting the individual’s workplace performance.

A Formal Supervisory Referral entails:
          •  The referring agent must call the FSAP directly to consult with an FSAP professional.
          •  Initial consultation is designed to review facts and circumstances in order to determine the most appropriate
              way to proceed.  A designated person (i.e. Supervisor, HR Director, Manager, etc.) must be identified to
              receive feedback regarding the employee’s compliance with the FSAP program.
          •  A Formal Supervisory Referral Form may be completed and sent to the FSAP office to expedite the referral.
          •  Written permission is required from the employee in order to confirm their compliance with the program.

Formal Supervisory Referral Form to be completed by referring agent (i.e. HR representative, manager, etc.).

Departments and Workgroups

Critical Incident Stress Management

The FSAP is a resource for work-groups experiencing a critical incident, an adverse event or the unexpected loss of a colleague.  While FSAP consultants are not first responders, department heads should not allow too much time to pass before engaging the FSAP.  Those affected by adverse circumstances are offered assistance and made aware of available resources.

Customized Seminars

FSAP consultants offer customized seminars to University of Miami work-groups.  We will meet with your team to provide on-site seminars at your convenience and within your time frame.  Such offerings will target a department’s specific needs.  For instance, the FSAP has offered seminars on Stress Management, Introduction to FSAP Services, or Change Management as part of a work-groups day-long retreat programming.  A list of seminars which may be customized can be found on the FSAP’s Customized Seminars webpage.

Orientation on Use of FSAP Services

The FSAP will meet with work-groups and/or managers to make them aware of FSAP services and the importance of accessing this valuable resource during times of need or mounting stress.  FSAP informational sessions help promote its availability while building employee consciousness to the value of such services and the importance of actively caring for our personal and cumulative health.

Workplace Wellness Initiatives

The FSAP offers University of Miami work-groups on-site programming that is designed to engage faculty and staff in behaviors which support health and well-being.  Programming is also available for managers and supervisors who wish to develop their own capacity to appropriately support their employees’ individualized wellness goals.  Please reference the FSAP’s Workplace Wellness Initiatives webpage for a description of available programming.

UM Community

Campus Seminars

In addition to behavioral/mental health consultations, the FSAP offers seminars on each campus to enhance organizational health and nurture the development of a healthy workforce.  FSAP educational seminars promote health and wellness information, support work/life balance, encourage employee engagement in FSAP services and foster a health-conscious culture.  Please reference the FSAP’s Schedule of Campus Seminars website for a list of upcoming seminars.