September 18, 1992
Scientific Fraud and Responsibility
Lawrence Fishman, M.D., University of Miami Professor of Medicine and Associate Chief of Staff for Research, Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Miami

October 23, 1992
Intellectual Property and Patents
Jeanie McGuire, Director, University of Miami Office of Technology Transfer

November 13, 1992
Publication and Authorship
Kermit Carraway, Ph.D., Professor and Chairman, University of Miami Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy

December 18, 1992
Data Selection and Computers in Research
Jeffrey Augenstein, M.D., Ph.D., University of Miami Ryder Trauma Center

January 15, 1993
Animal Use and Rights
Norman Altman, V.M.D., Director, University of Miami Division of Comparative Pathology

February 19, 1993
Genetics Research and Therapy
Rodney Howell, M.D., Professor and Chair, University of Miami Department of Pediatrics

March 19, 1993
Human Subjects and Randomized Clinical Trials
Jay Sosenko, M.D., Chair, University of Miami Human Studies Committee (IRB)

April 16, 1993
Fetal Tissue Research
Naomi Kleitman, Ph.D., The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, University of Miami

May 14, 1993
Paying for Research
Robert W. Rubin, Ph.D., Vice Provost for Research and Deputy Dean for Graduate Studies, University of Miami


October 15, 1993
New Research and Old Ethics
Eric M. Meslin, Ph.D., University of Toronto Center for Bioethics

November 19, 1993
Research and the News Media — I
Linda Roach Monroe, The Miami Herald

December 10, 1993
Research and the News Media — II
Steve Greenberg, DDS WCIX-Channel 6 (CBS)

January 28, 1994
Nazi Science
Michael J. Franzblau, M.D., American Academy of Dermatology, San Francisco

February 25, 1994
Social Implications of Genetic Testing
Ray Moseley, Ph.D., Director, University of Florida Medical Humanities Program, Gainesville

April 29, 1994
Hype, Hedges and Spin: Deception in Scientific Writing
Julienne Prineas, Ph.D., Director, University of Miami Grant Writing Resources Program


October 28, 1994
The Placebo Concept in Psychiatry and Medicine
Adolf Grunbaum, Ph.D., Chair, Center for Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh

November 14, 1994
Gunther Stent, Ph.D., Professor of Molecular Biology, University of California at Berkeley

January 27, 1995
Scientific Collegiality
Margot O’Toole, Ph.D., The Genetics Institute, Cambridge, Mass.

February 10, 1995
Preventing Research Misconduct: Lessons from Public Health Research
Colin Soskolne, Ph.D., University of Alberta

March 31, 1995
Authority and Ethics: How Science Creates Experts
Jeffrey Brosco, M.D., Ph.D., University of Miami Department of Pediatrics

April 21, 1995
Clinical Futility Research
Kathryn Koch, M.D., University of Florida, Jacksonville


September 8, 1995
Transplant Patients as Research Subjects
Cláudio Cohen, M.D., Ph.D., Chair of the Department of Legal Medicine, Medical Ethics and Social and Occupational Medicine, University of São Paulo, Brazil

October 20, 1995
Sepsis Research and Treatment
Charles L. Sprung, M.D., J.D., Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel

November 8, 1995
Biotechnology and Social Responsibility
Susan Hassler Editor, Bio/Technology and Co-Director, Miami Bio/Technology Winter Symposium

December 8, 1995
Geriatrics and Vulnerability
Robert Morgan, Ph.D. Beth Virnig, Ph.D., M.P.H., Health Policy Research Center

January 19, 1996
Informing Subjects about Risk
Dixie E. Snider, M.D., M.P.H., Associate Director for Science, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta

February 23, 1996
Research and the News Media
Sandra Jacobs health and medical writer, The Miami Herald

March 15, 1996
Collaborating with Colleagues in Repressive Countries: Reflections on a Recent Visit to Cuba
Kenneth W. Goodman, Ph.D., Director, University of Miami Bioethics Program


October 18, 1996
Corporate Sponsorship of Research
Thomas R. Russell, Ph.D., Coulter Corporation

November 13, 1996
Peer Review in the Internet Age
Susan Hassler Editor, Nature Biotechnology

December 6, 1996
Brain Death Research
Calixto Machado, M.D., Ph.D., Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Havana

January 31, 1997
Advice on Consent: Informing Subjects of Complex Research
Jay M. Sosenko, M.D., University of Miami Department of Medicine

February 28, 1997
The National Bioethics Commission
Arturo Brito, M.D. University of Miami Department of Pediatrics

May 23, 1997
More than Consent: IRBs and Human Subjects Research
Rick Bollinger, Ph.D. Robert Morhart, D.D.S. Andy Quartin, M.D. Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Miami


September 19, 1997
Theoretical Risk
Jay Skyler, M.D., University of Miami Department of Medicine

October 3, 1997
Justifying Animal Research
Ray Moseley, Ph.D. Director, Program in Medical Ethics, Law and the Humanities, University of Florida College of Medicine,Gainesville

November 21, 1997
Lawyers and Scientists
Cynthia L. Augustyn, .J.D Michael A. Novo, J.D. University of Miami Office of the General Counsel

December 12, 1997
The Polio Vaccine Scandal — A Cautionary Tale?
Janet A. Tighe, Ph.D. Department of History and Sociology of Science, University of Pennsylvania

January 30, 1998
The Unethical Use of Placebo Controls
Karin B. Michels, Sc.D. School of Public Health, Harvard University

February 13, 1998
Are There Ethical Limits to Research?
James F. Drane, Ph.D. Department of Philosophy, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

April 17, 1998
Challenges for Minority Scientists
Merilyn Blair-Johnson, Ph.D. Astrid Mack, Ph.D. University of Miami Minority Science Program

May 8, 1998
Clinical Trials and Prisoners
David L. Thomas, M.D., J.D. Florida Department of Corrections Health Service


September 4, 1998
Challenges for Graduate Students
Jennifer Grad Tristan Fiedler School of Medicine, University of Miami

October 30, 1998
Incentives for Patient Recruitment
Kenneth W. Goodman, Ph.D., Director University of Miami Bioethics Program

November 13, 1998
Outcomes Research, Practice Guidelines and Artificial Intelligence
Peter Winkelstein, M.D. Department of Pediatrics, State University of New York at Buffalo

January 8, 1999
Ethics, Genomics and Computing
Kenneth E. Rudd, Ph.D. University of Miami Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

February 19, 1999
Ethical and Regulatory Issues in Outcomes and Health Services Research
Robert L. Wears, M.D., M.S. Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Florida, Jacksonville

March 3, 1999
IRB and Consent in Human Tissue Research
Jon Merz, J.D., Ph.D. Center for Bioethics, University of Pennsylvania

April 16, 1999
Are Patients with Psychiatric Disorders ‘Competent’ to Consent to Research?
Charles M. Culver, M.D., Ph.D. Medical Education, Barry University

May 21, 1999
Public Understanding of Science
Shari Rudavsky, Ph.D. Stephen Smith The Miami Herald


September 17, 1999
Feminism and Human Subjects Research
Robin N. Fiore, Ph.D. Department of Philosophy, Florida Atlantic University

October 22, 1999
Drug Abusers as Vulnerable Subjects
J. Bryan Page, Ph.D. University of Miami Department of Anthropology

November 19, 1999
Should ‘Good Science’ Be an Ethical Requirement by IRB’s?
Ben Mulvey, Ph.D. Division of Liberal Arts, Nova Southeastern University

December 10, 1999
Genetics, Technology and Ethnic Identity: Lessons from Sickle Cell Disease
Keith Wailoo, Ph.D. Departments of Social Medicine and History, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

February 18, 2000
Temptations in Gene Therapy Research
Bernard Gert, Ph.D. Dartmouth College

March 24, 2000
Science, Disability and ‘Deaf Culture’
Thomas J. Balkany, M.D. University of Miami Department of Otolaryngology

April 28, 2000
Sensitive Research, Vulnerable Subjects — A Nursing Perspective
Nancy Crigger, R.N., Ph.D. University of Central Florida

May 19, 2000
Clinical Trials in the Developing World
Charles Mitchell, M.D. University of Miami Department of Pediatrics


August 25, 2000
Human Studies in Developing Countries: Exploitation or Science?
Anthony Mullings, D.M., M.P.H., University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica

September 29, 2000
Stem Cell Research
Arturo Brito, M.D., University of Miami Department of Pediatrics and National Bioethics Advisory Commission

November 10, 2000
Secret U.S. Experiments on Humans
Jonathan D. Moreno, Ph.D., University of Virginia

December 8, 2000
Information Shortfall: Clinical Trials, Computers and the Need to Know
Charles Jaffe, M.D., Ph.D., AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

January 26, 2001
Internet Research
Kenneth W. Goodman, Ph.D,. Director, University of Miami Bioethics Program

March 30, 2001
Sex, Fecundity and Reproduction: Scientific, Social and Ethical Challenges
Germaine M. Buck, Ph.D., National Institutes of Health

April 27, 2001
Religion as a Medical Variable
Fred M. Frohock, Ph.D., Syracuse University

May 18, 2001
The Challenges of Human Research – An African Perspective
Kumar Sridutt Baboo, M.Med., M.B.B.S., University of Zambia School of Medicine, Lusaka


September 14, 2001
Ethics and Compliance – What Are All These New Regs About?
Norman H. Altman, V.M.D., University of Miami Vice Provost for Research

November 16, 2001
Science, Social Policy, Economics: A Perfect Ethical Dilemma
Luis Glaser, Ph.D., University of Miami Executive Vice President and Provost

December 14, 2001
Out of Africa: Lessons in Protecting Participants in Human Subjects Research
Arturo Brito, M.D., University of Miami Department of Pediatrics

January 18, 2002
Responsible Conduct of Research: The Government’s Role – and Rationale
Alicia Dustira, Ph.D., U. S. Office of Research Integrity

February 22, 2002
Privacy, Data Protection and the Law
Anita Cava, J.D., Reid Cushman, Ph.D., Mike Novo, J.D., University of Miami Department of Business Law, Ethics Programs, and Office of the General Counsel

March 29, 2002
Conflict of Interest in Clinical Research
Robert Walker, M.D., University of South Florida

April 18, 2002
Banked Tissue Research: Ethical and Legal Challenges
Jeffrey Botkin, M.D.,University of Utah

May 17, 2002
Who’s in Charge? Research Oversight and the Role of Lawyers, Congress and Investigators
Rina Hakimian, J.D., M.P.H., National Cancer Institute


September 27, 2002
Ethics and Education Research: Challenges to the Biomedical Model
Paul Braunschweiger, Ph.D. University of Miami Department of Radiation Oncology Kenneth W. Goodman, Ph.D. Director, University of Miami Bioethics Program

October 18, 2002
Transgenic Animals
Lida Anestidou, D.V.M., M.S. University of Texas-Houston Health Science Center

November 8, 2002
Nursing and Research
Various Faculty (VAMC and University of Miami)

December 13, 2002
Science, Advocacy and Activism
Lee Crandall, Ph.D., University of Miami

February 11, 2003
Public Health Research and Genomics
Muin J. Khoury, M.D., Ph.D., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. Public Health Service, Atlanta, GA

March 14, 2003
Informed Consent: When Subjects Say “Yes,” But Should Say “No”
Saul J. Weiner, M.D., University of Illinois at Chicago

April 4, 2003
Clinical Trial(s) and Error: Acquiring and Applying Evidence
Peter Schwartz, M.D., Ph.D., Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Boston University

May 16, 2003
Medical Marijuana: Politics, Drug Abuse and the Federal Research Agenda
Craig Klugman, Ph.D., University of Nevada, Reno


September 26, 2003
Civil Liability in Therapeutic and Nontherapeutic Research: Who Pays?
Linda A. Simunek, ARNP, Ph.D., J.D. Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind.

October 3, 2003
Legal and Ethical Issues in Genetics: An Update
Mary Kay Pelias, Ph.D., J.D. Louisiana State University, New Orleans

November 14, 2003
Research on Assisted Dying
Faye Girsh, Ed.D. End-of-Life Choices, Denver

December 5, 2003 [canceled]
Pollution and Health Disparities
Richard D. Gragg III, Ph.D. Florida A&M University, Tallahassee

January 23, 2004
Research Ethics In Latin America
Fernando Lolas, M.D. Pan American Health Organization, Santiago, Chile

February 27, 2004
Therapeutic and Reproductive Cloning: Building a Framework to Protect Research
Bernard Siegel, J.D. Genetics Policy Institute, Miami

March 5, 2004
When is Written Consent Necessary? The Case of Education Research
Jack M. Fletcher, Ph.D. University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston

May 21, 2004
Ultra-Low-Temperature Storage of the Critically Ill
Steven B. Harris, M.D. Critical Care Research, Inc., Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., and Christopher Dougherty, Ph.D. Suspended Animation, Inc., Boca Raton, Fla


September. 24, 2004
Soldiers as Subjects: New Challenges from Military Research
Kenneth W. Goodman, Ph.D., Co-Director, Ethics Programs, University of Miami

October 15, 2004
Community-Based Research
Virginia Ashby Sharpe, Ph.D., Georgetown University

November 12, 2004
Research on Resuscitation: Medical Progress and Unintended Consequences
James R. Jude, M.D., Miami

January 28, 2005
The Terri Schiavo Case: Research Challenges in Death and Dying
Robin N. Fiore, Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University

February 25, 2005
A Better Approach to Animal Research: Insights from Neurological Complexity
Jeffrey Spike, Ph.D., Florida State University, Tallahassee

March 25, 2005
Ethics Review of Outbreak Research: A System Doomed to Fail?
Raphael Saginur, M.D., University of Ottawa

May 13, 2005
How Should We Earn the Public’s Trust? Research at Academic Medical Centers
Mark Yarborough, Ph.D., University of Colorado at Denver


September. 23, 2005
Are We There Yet?Educational Tools for Scientific Integrity
Paul G. Braunschweiger, Ph.D.,  Director University of Miami Miller

October 14, 2005
Electronic Patient Records: Sources of Data and Targets of Research
Melissa Goldstein, J.D., The Markle Foundation, Washington, D.C.

December 9, 2005
Undue Incentives for Research in Latin America
Sergio Litewka, M.D., University of Miami Ethics Programs

Janaury 17, 2006
Research Sponsorship at UM: Challenges and Future Directions
Thomas J. LeBlanc, Ph.D., University of Miami

January 27, 2006
Navigating Ethical Challenges in Biomarker Research
Carol Isaacson Barash, Ph.D., Boston

February 23, 2006
The Moral Status of Science Policy: Lessons from the Stem Cell Wars
Eric M. Meslin, Ph.D, Indiana University

March 31, 2006
Therapeutic Jurisprudence’ and Incompetent Research Subjects
Bruce J. Winick, J.D., University of Miami

April 10, 2006
Studying How the World Treats Its Children
James Appleyard, M.D., London

April, 21, 2006
A Moral Framework for Public Health Ethics & Prevention: What’s the Fuss?
Katie Wasson, Ph.D., National Cancer Institute


October 27, 2006
Studying Medical Failure: Ethical and Regulatory Challenges
Robert L. Wears, M.D., M.S., University of Florida, Jacksonville

November 10 2006
Developmental Disability: Unique Challenges for Research
Jeffrey P. Brosco, M.D., Ph.D., and Kenneth W. Goodman, Ph.D., University of Miami

December 15, 2006
Is the Belmont Report Adequate For Genetics Research?
Bernard Gert, Ph.D.,  Dartmouth College

January 12, 2007
Love, Guilt and the Telephone: Research on Home Care Technology
Bonnie Kaplan, Ph.D., Yale University
February 9, 2007
Research and Reproduction: The Case of Uterus Transplants
Andreas Tzakis, M.D., Ph.D.,  University of Miami

March 9, 2007
False Hope? Managing Pressure to Provide Experimental Therapy
Richard A. Rettig, Ph.D., RAND Corporation

April 13, 2007
Hope, ‘Therapeutic Misestimation’ and Consent in Clinical Research
Jodi Halpern, M.D., Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley


September 21, 2007
Gifts and Gratitude: The Role of Industry Largesse in Research
Daniel S. Goldberg, J.D.,  Baylor College of Medicine, Houston

October 5, 2007
How to Give Valid Consent for Research That’s Not Good for You
Mary Coombs, J.D. University of Miami School of Law

November 30, 2007
Culture, Ethnicity & Cancer Trials: Managing Communication Disparity
Christian Simon, Ph.D. Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland

February 15, 2008
Statistics & Values: Identifying & Managing Hidden Preferences in Data Analysis
Chris Feudtner, M.D., Ph.D., MPH,  The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

April 25, 2008
Do Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Have Souls? Imaginative Tools to Resolve Ethical Standoffs
Gerard Magill, Ph.D. Duquesne University, Pittsburgh

May 30, 2008
Ethical Issues for Academic Medical Centers
Kenneth Ludmerer, M.D. Washington University, St. Louis


August 29, 2008
Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act-Will GINA Expand Subject Enrollment?
Rebecca Feinberg, J.D., M.Be., M.S.

October 31, 2008
Promoting Integrity in the UM Animal Care and Use Program
Paul Braunschweiger, Ph.D., University of Miami

December 12, 2008
Beyond Conflicts of Interest: Managing Moral Hazards in Funded Research
Robin N. Fiore, Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University

January 23, 2009
Community-Based Participatory Research
Erin Kobetz, Ph.D., MPH, University of Miami

February 13, 2009
Over-Prescribed/Under-Medicated: History and Cultural Politics of Pain in America
Keith Wailoo, Ph.D., Rutgers University
April 17, 2009
Informed Consent or Informed Contract?
Hans-Martin Sass, Ph.D., Georgetown University

May 8, 2009
Increasing Minority Participation in Clinical Trials: Can Decision Aids Help?
Margaret Byrne, Ph.D., University of Miami


September 25, 2009
Neuroscience Research, Philosophy and the Case of Terri Schiavo
Daniel N. Robinson, Ph.D., Oxford University

December 18, 2009
Research on Prisoners: Nuremberg to Guantanamo?
Steven Miles, M.D., University of Minnesota

January 8, 2010
Cultural Constraints on Research and Their Role in Defining Scientific Integrity
Fernando Lolas Stepke, M.D., Pan American Health Organization and University of Chile


September 3, 2010
Police Powers and Epidemics: HIV as a Case Study
Dwayne C. Turner, Ph.D., J.D., M.P.H.
Broward County Health Department

October 8, 2010
Getting to “The Good Society”—U.S. Research Priorities 2010-2020
Don Mayer, J.D., LL.M.
Arsht Visiting Scholar in Ethics
Professor in Residence, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver

November 5, 2010
Tuskegee Revisited – but Worse? U.S. Wrongdoing in Guatemala
Sergio Litweka, M.D., M.P.H.
University of Miami Ethics Programs

January 28, 2011
The Challenge of Autism Spectrum Disorders: Research, Practice & Technology
Matthew S. Goodwin, Ph.D.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab

February 25, 2011
Beyond the “Art and Science” of Medicine
Miriam Solomon, Ph.D.
Temple University

April 29, 2011
Brain Death and its Challenges
Calixto Machado, M.D., Ph.D.
Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Havana

July 15, 2011
Demographics and Ethics: Classifying Race and Ethnicity in Research
Elizabeth Heitman, Ph.D.
Vanderbilt University

July 25, 2011
Human Subjects Ethics in Russia and Guatemala: Venereology and the Gaze of History
Boris Yudin, Ph.D.
Russian Academy of Sciences


September 16, 2011
The Body Politic:The Battle Over Science in America
Click here for streaming video (Silverlight)
Click here for streaming video (Quicktime)
Jonathan D. Moreno, Ph.D.
University of Pennsylvania

October 21, 2011
Weapons Research
Jeff McMahan, Ph.D.
Rutgers University

November 30, 2011
Ethics in Extreme Environments: NASA and Space-based Research
Paul Root Wolpe, Ph.D.
Emory University

February 17, 2012
Ethical Design of the Deep Brain Stimulation in the Minimally Conscious State Trial: Notes from the Trenches
Joseph J. Fins, M.D., FACP
Weill Cornell Medical College

February 27, 2012
Research on “Nudging” Patients: Autonomy, Rationality and Consent
Click here for streaming video (Silverlight)
Peter Schwartz, M.D., Ph.D.
Indiana University

April 20, 2012
The Business of Bodies: Regulations and Ethics for Human Tissue Use
Thomas Champney, Ph.D.
University of Miami


September 21, 2012
“Teaching Ethics to Scientists: Why Rules and Consequences Matter”
Click here for streaming video (Silverlight)
Click here for streaming video (Quicktime)
Thomas M. Powers, Ph.D.
University of Delaware

October 5, 2012
“Bedside genome sequencing:  What history tells us about the future of newborn screening”
Jeffrey P. Brosco, M.D., Ph.D., and Rochelle Baer
University of Miami
Noon-1:00 PM
MCCD 3023, UM Medical Campus
November 9, 2012
“Nothing About Us Without Us: A Disability Studies Perspective on Research Ethics”
Simi Linton
Columbia University
Noon- 1:00 PM
MCCD 3023, UM Medical Campus

December 7, 2012
Jason Borenstein, PhD
“Robots as Caregivers: Ethical Challenges for Researchers”
Georgia Institute of Technology
Noon- 1:00 PM
RMSB 4th Floor Auditorium, UM Medical Campus

January 18, 2013
“Communicating Research Risks”
Click here for streaming video (Silverlight)
Click here for streaming video (Quicktime)
Ana S. Iltis, Ph.D.
Wake Forest University
Noon- 1:00 PM
RMSB 4th Floor Auditorium, UM Medical Campus

February 1, 2013
Academy of Research Excellence
Click here for streaming video (Silverlight)
Click here for streaming video (Quicktime)
Ray Moseley, Ph.D.
University of Florida
Noon- 1:00 PM
RMSB 4th Floor Auditorium, UM Medical Campus

March 8, 2013
Informed Consent and its Discontents: The Challenge of Health Literacy
Erin N. Marcus, M.D., M.P.H. and Leonardo Tamariz, M.D., M.P.H.
University of Miami
Noon- 1:00 PM
RMSB 4th Floor Auditorium, UM Medical Campus

May 22, 2013
Outsourcing, Offshoring and Oversight: The Challenge for Global Justice
Jorge José Ferrer, Th.D.
University of Miami
1:00 - 2:00 PM
Mailman Center Room 3023, UM Medical Campus


May 16, 2014
International Research on Sexual Minorities
Jaime Hernandez, J.D., M.Be.
University of Pennsylvania
Watch video

January 17, 2014
The Science Forest and the IRB Trees: Why Research Environments Matter
Jennifer L. Gibson, Ph.D.
University of Toronto

December 10, 2013
Ethics, Translational Science & the IRB: The Future is (Still) Not What It Used to Be
Kenneth W. Goodman, Ph.D.
University of Miami

November 8, 2013
Community-Based Research: Foundations and Challenges
Erin Kobetz, Ph.D., MPH
University of Miami

October 8, 2013
Trusted Governance
Robin N. Fiore, Ph.D.
University of Miami


September 19, 2014
Ethics, Biomedical Informatics and Translational Science
Click here for streaming video (Silverlight)
Peter J. Embi, MD, MS, FACP, FACMI
The Ohio State University

October 3, 2014
The Trials and Tribulations of “Universal Consent”
Click here for streaming video (Silverlight)
Peter Iafrete, PharmD
University of Florida

January 19, 2015
Research, from the Laboratory to the Community or Vice-Versa?
Click here for streaming video (Silverlight)
Rueben C. Warren, DDS, MPH, DrPH, MDiv
The National Center for Bioethics in Research and Heath Care, Tuskegee University

February 6, 2015
Great Expectations! Science, Society and Inquiry
Click here for streaming video (Silverlight)
Daniel R. Vasgird, PhD
West Virginia University

March 20, 2015
And you think you have problems? Research ethics in a small society
Click here for streaming video (Silverlight)
Mike Campbell, PhD
University of the West Indies – Cave Hill, Bridgetown, Barbados

April 10, 2015
“Right to Try” Laws and Access to Experimental Drugs
Click here for streaming video (Silverlight)
Camillo Ricordi, MD, and Kenneth Goodman, PhD
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
[Link to The Cure Alliance, founded by Dr. Ricordi to “accelerate potential cures from the laboratory to the bedside.”]

May 1, 2015
Newborn Genomic Screening: Current and Future Challenges
Jeffrey P. Brosco, MD, PhD
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

2015-2016 Schedule

September 25, 2015
When Science Meets Sport: Helmets, Head Injury and Public Policy
Stephen Olvey, MD
University of Miami

October 30, 2015
Science Writing and Communication: Potential Tools to Improve Replication
Joanna Johnson, PhD
University of Miami

November 19, 2015
The Value(s) of Public Deliberation: Challenges for Health Policy & Research
Adriane Gelpi, PhD, MPH
University of Miami

January 22, 2016
Editing Policy to Fit the Genome?
Rosario Isasi, JD, MPH
University of Miami

February 16, 2016
Timeout! Calling the Right Play for Children with Severe Neurological Impairment
Jay G. Berry, MD, MPH
Harvard Medical School, Boston Children’s Hospital

May 4, 2016
Global Mental Health Research: Challenges and Questions
Fernando Lolas Stepke, MD
University of Chile

June 21, 2016
Human Rights as a Catalyst for International Data Sharing
Bartha Marie Knoppers, PhD
McGill University