Donald M. Buckner, M.D.

Title/Position: Director, Residency Education Program


Dr. Buckner spent 33 years as a pediatric surgeon at the University of Miami.  Among his many interests were and remain the ethical issues surrounding impaired newborns.  This interest was spurred and supported by weekly rounds with an ethicist over several years during the early part of his career.

The interest never waned and as he has absented himself from clinical practice and surgery he has increased his commitment to the teaching of ethical concepts and professional behavior to students, residents, fellows and faculty.

Dr. Buckner is Vice Chair of ethics committees of the Jackson Health System and the University of Miami Hospital and Clinics/Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Tel: 305-243-5723
Fax: 305-243-6416

UM Ethics Programs
PO Box 016960 (M825)
1400 NW 10th Avenue, Suite 916A
Miami, FL 33136

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