Untitled Document The Office of Market Research and Communications is an area organized within the Division of Enrollment Management at the University of Miami under Dean Edward Gillis. Our office is charged with providing accurate and timely information to other departments within the Division to help inform their enrollment-related decisions. We also design, develop, and execute targeted and integrated marketing campaigns using various media to ensure that UM maintains a competitive advantage in its communications with students, parents, alumni, and other target audiences.

Our office consists of two sub-departments: Market Research and Communications.

Market Research Mission: To ensure that communication strategies and decisions relating to enrollment management are based on appropriate, accurate, interpretable, and timely information using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

Communications Mission: To assist with the content and communication strategy for both print and electronic media in consultation with the offices within the Division of Enrollment Management, and ensure the messaging to target audiences is strategic and cohesive across multiple channels.

The Office of Market Research and Communications provides these services to the following Offices within the Division of Enrollment Management:

  • Office of Admission
  • Office of Financial Assistance
  • Office of International Admission
  • Office of Retention ('Cane Success Center)
  • Office of Student Employment