Our job as supervisors is to recognition a job well done because this is one of the top motivators of employee performance. Guidelines for effectively rewarding and recognizing employees includes matching the reward to the achievement; considering the receiver’s comfort level; being timely and specific, and being fair and consistent.

This page will help you to insure that we all meet the University of Miami's goals in this area.


Acknowledge and celebrate group birthdays (cards distributed at work and department birthday celebrations) by month or every other month while respecting an individual’s preferences related to public recognition of their birthday.

Provide a team lunch at the conclusion of a project, thanking the team for their participation.

Post a large celebration calendar in your work area and tack on notes of recognition to specific dates.

Create an announcement board or newsletter for employees to share notes and photos of professional and personal achievements (awards, recognition, graduation, new baby, marriage, etc.).


Employee of the Month could be created to include posting a picture of the employee(s) of the month. The Employee of the Month (EOTM) could receive a letter written to their HR file, item posted into the annual appraisal.

Give special assignments to those people who show initiative

Write a letter of praise to an employee or each member of a team expressing appreciation for their commitment and thanking them for their participation and positive results (send a copy of the letter to the employees’ direct supervisor, Chair, Key Administrator, and personnel file)

Approve a flexible work day schedule (per department’s needs and workflow)


Practice positive nonverbal behaviors that demonstrate appreciation

Arrange for an employee or team to present the results of a project to upper management

Create a place to display memos, photos, and posters acknowledging progress towards goals with thank you notes from project leaders

Remember the “Behind the Scenes” employees for those whose actions are not usually in the limelight

Leave a thank you note/card in an employee’s work area

When you hear a positive remark about an employee, let him/her know (forward positive e-mails and voice messages)

Nominate an employee or team for a University and/or Department formal award program (LSA Spotlight)

Ask your boss to attend a meeting with your employees/coworkers during which you thank individuals and groups for their specific contributions

Spontaneously stop by an individual’s work area or group project meeting and express your appreciation for their involvement

Call an employee into your office just to thank him/her (don’t discuss any other issue)

Publish “kudos” in a department newsletter