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Beyond Bananas and Breadfruit

Whether or not you’ve visited the Caribbean, you’ve likely consumed the fruits of the region—and not just the bananas and breadfruit, which ironically…

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Welcome to Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a comprehensive Information Technology resource for managing information, the most important strategic resource that an organization has to manage. The key components of ECM at the University of Miami are: Document Management and Report Distribution.

The University’s ECM team will help you analyze your current business environment and implement an infrastructure which will facilitate access, archival and retention of your departmental documents and reports. Benefits include:

  • Application of Archival and Retention Policies
  • Ease of Accessibility to Important Data
  • Freeing Up Space Currently Used For Storing Paper Documents
  • Improved Return on Investment
  • Improved Storage Utilization
  • Incorporating Full Content Management Features and Functionalities
  • Reducing Costs For Offsite Storage
  • Securing Data From Natural Disasters
  • Understanding Data Growth

For More Information
Enterprise Content Management, contact:
James Balter305-284-2478
Connect:Enterprise, contact:
Gilbert Serein305-284-4976
Document Management System, contact:
Lourdes Wolf Marenus305-284-2336
Report Distribution System, contact:
Brett Booz305-284-5105
Gilbert Serein305-284-4976
Qualtrics, contact:
Terry Helmers305-284-3849