Departmental E-Mail
To obtain a departmental e-mail inbox via Microsoft/Outlook e-mail.
E-Mail Alias Change
All University of Miami correspondence will be forwarded from your e-mail alias and delivered to your preferred e-mail address. Changes to a preferred e-mail address must be done on myUM.
Faculty/Staff E-Mail
To obtain a faculty/staff e-mail account. Microsoft Exchange/Outlook e-mail is provided by Information Technology for the UM faculty/staff.
Special Processing
If you are a retired employee in good standing, or an appointed UM Consultant/Vendor, please complete the Special Processing Form so that an exchange mail address can be created for you.

If you are an existing employee, please register your e-mail address or make changes to your preferred e-mail or to your e-mail alias address via myUM.

Types of E-Mail Addresses

There are two types of e-mail addresses, the preferred e-mail address and the e-mail address alias. The preferred e-mail address is assigned when a person requests a University E-mail Mailbox, for example An existing e-mail address may also be used as the preferred e-mail. For example:,, etc.

The e-mail alias is a shortened version of the preferred e-mail address - the general format is '' The preferred e-mail address may change over time as old e-mail systems are replaced or a person changes jobs within the University. An e-mail alias will allow your received e-mails to go to the correct mailbox regardless of the changes that have been made to your preferred e-mail address. An e-mail alias will only be changed at your request. Your e-mail alias address will be the one published and show up in the UM GAL.

Guidelines for Requesting a UM E-Mail Alias Address

1. Must be name-based; meaning that it must be based on the individual's name.

2. The alias should be as simple as possible. The less people need to type, generally the better.

3. The e-mail alias will be assigned as first initial plus last name if none is selected.

4. The alias name must be tasteful and appropriate.

5. The alias must not use department names and/or titles. Ex. Dean, chairman, president.

6. May have more than one word, each separated by a period such as:

7. Alias must be lower case to avoid any future confusion and/or conflict.

8. The alias must not use special characters or symbols other than a dash or period.

9. The alias is subject to verification of uniqueness.

E-mail registration requests will be verified on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, please do not begin using your e-mail alias until notified. Confirmation of your e-mail alias will arrive within four business days of receipt of your request.