In order to obtain a CaneCard, dependents must first procure a UM ID # (informally known as a C#). If the dependent does not have a UM ID#, they should go to and follow the instructions to obtain a CaneID.

It is vital that dependents use their authentic Social Security Number to obtain a CaneID account. Accounts created without an authentic Social Security Number will be considered invalid and subject to termination.

After creating a CaneID, the dependent will obtain a UM ID # (a.k.a. C#). At this point, the dependent should visit Department of Parking and Transportation, located on the first floor of the Flipse Building at 5665 Ponce De Leon Boulevard to obtain the cane card.

Dependents must be accompanied by the employee they are a dependent of and must have a picture ID to receive their CaneCard. Unaccompanied dependents will not be issued a CaneCard.